Tutorial: How to Remove Contact Lens without Touching Your Eyeball?!

by - Sunday, June 30, 2013

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First of all, this is my first tutorial in my blog. I'm so nervous and i do not know whether i did it well or what. I did not expect that i will create this kinda tutorial video which is the way to remove contact lens. lol... Since i'm wearing contact lens today, i'm going to do this video tutorial and teach you all how to take out your contact lens without touching your eyeball. lol.

Imagine after you did a nice medicure, have long and pretty fingernails, and you wanna take out your contact lens?! It's a bit impossible because you cannot take out the contact lens with your fingertip easily. Of course if your eyes are big enough, then maybe you still can take it out with your fingertip. What if your eyes are small??? You will be frustrated when your eyes are dry and need some nap and you cannot take out your lens because your eyes are small. What to do???

Well, here's a video that teach you on how to take out contact lens without touching your eyeballs.
Sorry about the quality of the video because i was using my phone's front camera to record it. lol. But, now you can take out your contact lens easily.

I think this method is useful for those people with small eyes and long fingernails. Just like me, I'm having long fingernails and my fingertip can't even reach my contact lens, how am i going to take it out? Other than that, our fingertips might have a lot of bacteria which might cause eyes infection. So take out the contact lens without touching our eyeball can actually reduce eyes' infection. 

I know that the way i take out the contact lens in the video might looks kinda scary, but it's actually not pain. So if you all interested in this method, you all can try it out! And thanks for watching the video. 


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  1. Thank you so much. I had a similar method (pull eye towards ear and blink) but it didn't work if I had dry eyes or after wearing contacts for too long, and I cannot do the pinch method. This method worked 100% first time for both eyes!

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  3. I'm afraid to try haha. Give me strength to do this. However, I found good contact lens solution here in case you drop your contacts while doing this LOL.

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  5. This method worked like magic for both eyes! Do you recommend the use of contact lens solution?

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  8. This is interesting. How about tips on using contact lens solutions?