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by - Saturday, June 08, 2013

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FINALLY~ I had killed 3 assignments and now there's 3 left. Got a bit free time lah~~~Kinda happy because i finally went out for shopping window shopping with my boyfie this tuesday~ lol...

BF: Wanna go Aeon arh???
Me: Har~~ Don't want lah... Go other place lah...
BF: Then Where you want to go???
Me: Go Pavilion lah~ long time no go there already...

Then my boyfie kept on nagging on how expensive is the parking there...blah blah blah.... whatever....lol.
Actually i went there just want to see this!!!
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They are adorable, cute, funny..... How can they be so unique? Especially the way they talk.... super cute! My boyfie also like them, that's why he always imitate how the minion talk...Especially this...
That's what my boyfie always said... (=.=)

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Boyfie with slippers~ i wonder why he can wear slippers to match his formal attire. lol.

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Me.... Super love them..OMG~ So cute..

Then boyfie bought me Snowflakes...
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I didn't have any dessert like for gazillion years because my boyfie always say me fat. lol. Make me feel so sad and i don't feel like having dessert. Since he bought it, i just ate it. lol. (The green tea ice cream very nice...lol) Finally got a taste of sweet stuffs, all my stress from study flew away!

Then afterwards, a lot of things happened and i had this very large portion of meals for my tea time...
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Guess what...went to Mid Valley just for this meal...lol...
A very large portion meal, recommended for dinner. However, the food taste good. Just that you will be very full. If you wanna give it a try...here's the details:
Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant
Lot T208
3rd Floor
The Gardens
Mid Valley City
Kuala LumpurTel No: 03- 2282 8699
(Non Halal. Open daily till 10pm.)

That's all...lol... will update more~ AND....
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