Acer & Intel “PLAYsure Redefined” Party

by - Thursday, June 13, 2013

Well, well, well... Let's throw back to 23rd May 2013(Thursday) because Acer & Intel “PLAYsure Redefined” Party was happening on that day at Poppy Garden! Thanks to Nuffnang for the invitation, I'm glad to be there because it was the most awesome party i had attended for this year. lol.

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I had brought my sister along to attend the party. Got a goodies bag when we did the registration before entering the party. (*Happy Girl*) My sister dressed pretty nice on that day but me....have no time to prepare for the party on that day because i just got back from college. lol.

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Guess what?! When we arrived there, it's already full house inside Poppy Garden. We can't find any empty seat at first, ended we stood there for almost 15 minutes. lol. Waiters there had been serving dessert and drinks to us but our hands were full with bag and camera/smartphones. Luckily i met someone i knew~ Finally got two seats to sit. lol...

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The whole party started and the emcee started to invite some of the bloggers up to the stage for some mini games. The winner of the mini games will have the chance to bring back some small gifts and vouchers home.   All the mini games were challenging and i admit that the winner seriously have talents to challenge the game. lol. Everyone at the party were supporting them when the mini games started.

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There were also mini games for group! 4 groups of 10 people will have to compete in quiz mini game and acting mini games to get the prizes. I joined group 3 for the mini games because i wanna had fun too. Sadly, my group did not win any prizes. (*sob sob*) But, we had fun by participating in the games. A big congratulations to all the winning groups on that day~

Not forgetting our party's main characters~~
 photo blog-45_zpsb7cc6c5f.jpg  photo blog-46_zpsa027f65f.jpg  photo blog-47_zps049cffce.jpg  photo blog-48_zpsf49dc3d8.jpg  photo blog-49_zps0e0261cc.jpg  photo blog-50_zps9ca53bf2.jpg
Let me introduce you~~ (*Drum Rolls*)

 photo blog-51_zpsd6f15732.jpg
The Acer Aspire P3 Ultrabook!

 photo blog-54_zpsa3e68c63.jpg
Here's a closer look of it. 
Acer Aspire P3 Ultrabook is Powerful, Portable and Convertible. It is powered by Intel Core i3 Processor to ensures you have all the power to enjoy your work and play. It also designed to give you all the control you need. The detachable tablet enables you to bring it anywhere because it's ultra thin and light with the weight only 790g. And... the 11.6 touchscreen, wide viewing angle with IPS display and by Dolby Home Theater making it ideal for your entertainment. So what you waiting for?! It's such a beauty!

To make the party even more awesome, there's even more surprises!
Let me introduce you the.....
 photo blog-55_zps2776035d.jpg
Acer Aspire R7!
Powered by 3rd Generation Intel Core i5 processor, an awesome beauty which bring the touchscreen within easy reach whichever the way you use it. The slim, high performance PC features the patented Ezel hinge had made the Aspire R7 as the winner for Red Dot Award for Product Design in 2013. The Ezel hinge let you convert the Aspire R7 into 4 modes...
Apart from that, the Aspire R7 comes with 4 powerful speakers and Dolby Home Theater to make your life more perfect. 15.6 Full HD wide viewing angle with IPS display also deliver the most high quality display in every mode.

Not only got goodies bag....
 photo blog-43_zpsfb497ba5.jpg

We also got free buffet for our
 photo blog-53_zps1e1a9ae1.jpg
Delicious food~

 photo blog-57_zpsb0969863.jpg
Finally we got our pretty DJ in the house. But why no people dancing wan???
It's because bloggers party by taking out their camera/smartphones/tablet to take photos! lol...

Before the party ends, we got lucky winners from lucky draw who can walk away with GD World Tour Concert Ticket because Acer is one of the main sponsor for the concert. I forgot the name of the lucky people, but it's definitely not me lah~ (*I will die in happiness if i got GD concert ticket*) Anyway, congratz to the lucky winners.

 photo blog-52_zpscdc04a09.jpg
That's all for the awesome party! 
WAIT!!! Still got present from the party...
We got a multi-functional plug at the end of the party. lol...

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