C2AGE 2013 [Day 2]

by - Sunday, June 16, 2013

Welcome to my bloggie. Today i'm going to share with you'll about my experience at C2AGE event last weekend. However, i will first post about Day 2 because the photos for Day 1 not yet ready. (*Gomen....ne~*)
If you dunno about C2AGE, you can visit the link here...http://www.c2age.com/.Without wasting anymore time here, i will first reveal my mission for C2AGE Day 2!

 photo blog-70_zps20e97431.jpg
So my main mission on Day 2 is basically to take photo with all the guest for that event. Didn't prepare much because i decided to attend the event suddenly. I just brought my best companion for all the time, my lovely Samsung S3 there to accomplish my mission.

Reached the event quite late on that day, so i think i missed out a lot of things. But still i managed to captured some event's hall photos.
 photo blog-71_zps898d66c2.jpg
The photography places only for cosplayer to take photo. Unfortunately, i didn't cosplay on Day 2, what a waste. lol. How come i didn't see this small room on Day 1...lol.

Then....the most interesting section of the event was this....
 photo blog-73_zps19d74bc7.jpg
Batman's motorbike?!! lol...I dunno lah, because i not a fans of batman. Somehow it looks cool.
 photo blog-75_zps302937fd.jpg
This little yellow motorbike...uhmm...i dunno who it belongs to...lol.

 photo blog-74_zps1fe48554.jpg
Cannot brain on how they set up all this thingy~ It's so tiny and so detail.

 photo blog-76_zps45fdc103.jpg
My sexy brother. lol. Even the cat woman's body figure cannot hide my fat brother. lol.
After that, both my brother and i walk around the hall to get some photos.
 photo blog-77_zpse04ed174.jpg
There got sell manga/comic also. 

 photo blog-78_zps46ab3239.jpg
Mini car Exhibition.

 photo blog-80_zps4d4befb9.jpg
I guessed these are badges. But for display only. lol...

 photo blog-72_zps602cd3ca.jpg
Went and watched the very awesome Cosplay Competition. I can see they put a lot of efforts in making up the ideas and act it out. Congratulations to all the winners of competition on that day although i was not there to witness that moment.

 photo blog-79_zps1580e98f.jpg
The judges for the Solo Cosplay Competition on day 2. Pretty Ayase, Alodia and Ashley. (from left to right)

And then...the moment to accomplish my MISSION has come!
 photo blog-81_zps50b0e941.jpg
Maybe both my brother and I were lucky on that day, we got the chance to sit on "VIP" seat! It's the front row, very near to all the guests. Can you see Reika and Clive Lee on stage? Can you see the awesome unicorn gundam cosplay on stage?!

 photo blog-82_zpsec9cfad8.jpg
Cute Alodia who cosplayed as Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2 was singing a song and dancing on stage. Then surprisingly she asked Reika and all other guests and staff to go up the stage. Guess what, they danced when the song "Gentleman" by PSY was played. It was an add-on to the performance, everyone in the auditorium went crazy and shout out the name of their favorite cosplayers.

 photo blog-83_zps247a0554.jpg
Impromptu performance by Ashley. She cosplayed as Kairi from Kingdom Hearts for that day. Since it was an impromptu performance, she sang two songs for all the people in the auditorium. 

 photo blog-84_zps02948ea5.jpg
So here's the moment after all the performances by the guest, the autograph session.

 photo blog-85_zps989ed9b1.jpg
First of all, I got the signature and photo with the unicorn gundam cosplayed by Clive Lee from Singapore! lol. Can't imagine how he walks with that costume, it's huge. It's actually made by using some kind of cardboard material. Sure need a lot of time and efforts to finished this costume.

 photo blog-86_zps8ae61ad4.jpg
Then it's Ayase's turn to sign the signature. She cosplayed as Hatsune Miku on that day and she's from Malaysia. I heard that she's pregnant, congratulations~

 photo blog-87_zps0bf7f4ef.jpg
Ashley Gosiengfiao from Philippines, cosplayed as Kairi from Kingdom Hearts. She's pretty and friendly too....because....
 photo blog-88_zps347aa565.jpg
I asked her for photo with me and she accepted my tiny request. Some more she posed when i took the picture, but my stupid hand is shaking because i'm too excited. So the photo became blur. (T.T)

 photo blog-89_zpsd5ba0a54.jpg
Alodia Gosiengfiao from Philippines, cosplayed as Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2. She's pretty! She's pretty! She's pretty! She looks like a doll. Actually i'm one of her fans, so regret that i didn't ask her for kiss or hug.

 photo blog-90_zps2bdf30e4.jpg
Then, Reika from Japan, cosplayed as Rivai from Shingeki no Kyoujin. She also very friendly and took photo with me. lol. Love her cosplay. Should ask for kiss and hug also.. lol...

 photo blog-91_zps4f9228e1.jpg
Here's their autographs! (don't be jelly~lol)
 Mission Accomplished!

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