Gretel and Hansel [Newgrounds]

by - Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Have you heard of Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters? It is a movie, it is a fairy tale story line but with some horror and violence genre added in the movie. lol. Anyway, it was a nice movie and it is recommended for you all to watch if you all have nothing to watch at this moment.

But, i'm not going to talk about the movie now because in this post, i'm gonna introduce you all a very nice mini game which is free of charge. The name of the mini game is related to the movie that i mentioned just's "Gretel and Hansel"!

 photo gamed_zps5f1745b6.png
It's a game at Newgrounds website. I purposely create a free account for this game. For me, i think it was a good game. If you all subscribed to PewDiePie's Youtube, you might already watched him played this game before. lol. 

Well, watching other people play is not enough for me, so i decided to play it by myself. LOL... So i'm basically sharing my thoughts about the game now.

 photo gamed1_zps25c667b6.png
It starts off with Gretel waking up, witnessed and heard what her parents said in the other side of their bedroom. Gretel told Hansel that their parents will dump them into the woods because their parents don't want share food with them. The overall game was about how Gretel collects all the stones so that they can find their way home by throwing the stones on the road to the woods.

 photo gamed2_zpscfa50fc5.png
So this is the outside of their house. The graphic was nice but the character drawing was a bit...hmmm... like kid-drawing. But i like it, it brought out the spooky feel for the game. It was a pretty game and it's cute. 

So when you near something, Gretel will has some thoughts about the thing. It is a hint for you to know what to do next. It simplifies everything by using picture instead of words. lol...

 photo gamed3_zps085c18ce.png
And the specialty about this game is, you mostly unlock a medal by dying in different ways. lol. Like the one above is die because she's suck dry by a giant spider...

 photo gamed4_zpsc2ed5cca.png
And then this one is she sting by bees till die? lol... Some more she dies in a very nasty way. I really love how they designed the way of character dies. lol.

If you are free and you don't wanna watch the movie after reading my post, perhaps you can play this game?

And the good news is, this game has part 2 now. But i don't have the time to play yet. I will update about the part 2 when i'm free from my university's exam. lol.


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