My Style ~ Short Hair + Fringe

by - Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Good afternoon and happy Wednesday people! 

It's the time for me to introduce my new hairstyle --> Short hair + fringe. lol. If you noticed, you can see  some of the models nowadays try to change their overall image by cutting their hair shorts and of course, the fringe in some magazine or website about hairstyle and fashion. I dunno why and how short hair and fringe became the trend. However, changing new hairstyles is kinda interesting for me.
Tadaaaa..... Cut my hair shorter and fringe!! Do you notice my face looks smaller? It's the effect of the hairstyle, it covers the side of my face. And then for the fringe, it actually makes you look younger.

Didn't plan to keep my hair longer now, so i decided to cut it shorter than last time. The main reason for me to keep my hair short is mainly because of the weather. Malaysia's weather is crazy hot for these few days, you started to sweat whenever you go outside, under the sun for 1 minute. lol. Therefore, it's easier to manage my hair if it's short. 

Maybe you all(especially girls) should consider cutting your hair short too? lol..


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  1. Like your new hairstyle, almost couldn't recognise you yesterday