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by - Sunday, June 23, 2013

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Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I had to finished my assignment few days before and now although i'm assignment free, i have to deal with my exam. lol. It's kinda busy recently. So, it will be a very random post to update here on doodle.

I always in love in cute things. That is why i always doodles some cute things on papers or books when i was bored. To be sincere, I'm not good in drawing... I can't draw those very nice looking picture like those inside manga or anime. Sometimes, i really envy about how people could draw like...
(I found it at Google Image, credits to the person who drew this)
Of course i'm not drawing something pro like that lah. The only thing i can draw is....

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THIS!! A cute little baby doodle. Maybe some of you will think that i draw things like a kid, but that's my style, what to do? lol. I can't change it because maybe i don't have much talent in drawing very nice "anime-like" picture.

 photo blog-96_zps0816753d.jpg
Other than the "baby" doodle, I can draw like this too. lol. 

 photo blog-97_zps4d5c2143.jpg
And this!! Looks pretty nice too. I forgot why i drew this, but i think my drawing skill is improving. hehe. 

 photo blog-100_zpse436ef71.jpg
Or this? Which one of it is cuter and nicer? lol. Thanks to my student for giving me a drawing book? as a  birthday gift just to let me learn how to draw nicer. Based on how the book taught me, now i can draw nicer and cuter. lol. And it's my first time try to color my drawing nicely with patterns.

That's all for today's post and here's a cute little Pororo to end my post.
 photo blog-95_zpsc28ccadc.jpg
Who will you think of when you see Pororo? lol. I guess people who watch Running Man will get what i mean. lol. Nights~


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