I'm Free from Exam but...

by - Tuesday, July 09, 2013

I'm happy and satisfied with my current life now. Finally i'm done with all exams and assignments and i'm having my sweet holiday. It's time to enjoy my life now because when it's year 3, life will definitely become busier. I should have blog since few days ago but i'm having diarrhea for past few days. 

Although exams past but many things didn't go smoothly as I thought afterwards. I was feeling quite down for few days because of many events happened back then. I know that everyone will soon meet the turning point  or the downhill of their life. For me, i guessed it was the downhill though. 

For past few days, i had seen so many different things that changed my point of views for some things. I'm always very positive thinking about many things but that is also the main factor that caused me disappointed at the end. Cruelty of the reality was the thing i felt for past few days. I might not be very good in everything but i still hope for opportunities. However, opportunities was not given to me. Is it because i don't deserve it?

I know i'm complaining a lot. Well, i do hope things turn good after this. Happy Holiday To Me!


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