Yadah Spring Festival Party & The Butterfly Projects

by - Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hello people,
It's me again~ Thank god i have finished my semester exam and i'm so free now. So i will be updating more for you all.

Early this year on 4th Jan 2014, thanks to the The Butterfly Projects and Yadah, I was invited to Yadah Spring Festival! It was a good way to start my new year.

Fully prepared before the event. First time wearing red for the year 2014 because the dress code was a dash of red. lol.

To be honest, i was late for the event on that day. When i reached there, the talk for introduction to Yadah product have started halfway but luckily i still in time to test their new product out. The talk was good because we all get to learn more about Yadah and of course their new products. 

A little bit about Yadah:
Yadah offers gentle yet effective botanical skincare range. 100% free from artificial coloring, preservatives, mineral oil, sulphate and animal extracts.
All Yadah products are certified by the Korean FDA and are formulated to be hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic with a mixture of botanical ingredients that are natural, organic and some with *Ecocert authentication. They are suitable for all skin types, even sensitive and troubled ones especially for teenagers and young adults.

How can you not love Yadah?!

So it's testing time for Yadah products! It was a very good presentation and we all also got to try out the products as well. Not that we only try out the products, we also got to compare the products from Yadah with other brands.

The highlighted products of that day.

We get to try out the Yadah Sun Cream and compared it with other brand's sun cream.

We also get to try out the effectiveness of Yadah Bubble Cleanser.

First we draw some eyeliners on out hand.

Then apply the cleanser and rub in gently.

Wipe off the cleaser with tissue and as you can see, the eyeliner was removed!

Two of the butterflies also got selected to test out the lip balm. At first they apply the lip balm on their lips, and they compete with each other by finished up the noodles inside the bowl. The winner will be the one who finish the bowl of noodles. Congratulations to both of them for getting prizes at the end. lol. Of course the lip balm stay still throughout the competition. How awesome is that!

Of course we also tried out other products such as the Emulsion!

The Toner!
Seriously in love with the Toner. As you can see it's very watery and it was absorbed by our skin very fast by not leaving any greasy and sticky feel at all. (Same thing goes to the Emulsion.)

We also tried out theCollagen Ampoule and brightening Ampoule.
I personally prefer the brightening ampoule because i want a brighter skin tone. lol.

I basically in love with how they set up and decorated the venue by displaying their products everywhere. By displaying all the products, we got the chance to know and see all the products by Yadah.
Some of the Yadah Products display.

Yadah product display.

Nice or not?

They also purposely stick the paper lantern on the wall as decoration. And we can actually pull out the paper lantern and write our beauty resolutions on it.

A nice event cannot be completed with FOOD!
Thanks to Yadah because they were so considerate and provided yummy food from Little Wonton for all of us!
At first i thought the paper cup was some sort of decorations on the table but...

It actually contains some wonton in that paper cup. lol. The one i was holding in the photo was one of the wonton flavor, the Mushroom Wonton! (It's delicious.)

And i also tried out the Spicy Thai which was recommended by the staff of Little Wonton!

Met a lot of friends and made a lot of friends too during the event~ But managed to get photos with few of them. lol.
The pretty Shivani.

The cute Kah Mon.

Yadah was so generous to give all of us a goodies bag filled with their products. Note that the goodies bag was imported from Korea and not for sale in Malaysia. lol. They also gave us vouchers to purchase their products if we want to. lol.
Tadaa, show off my goodies bag. lol.

Of course, happiness should also be shared to everyone during this festive season, especially those who are going to celebrate Chinese New Year...
Yup, it's shopping time!
Simply download the above image and print it out in order to use it for your Yadah's products purchase! It's valid from now till 16th February 2014!

For more info about Yadah:
For more info about The Butterfly Project:

Happy Chinese New Year! <3


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