100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo

by - Saturday, January 04, 2014

Hello people,
I went to 100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo last weekend to have a look at all the gadgets exhibition.  If you all dunno about the expo, here's the details:

Venue: Viva Home Expo Hall
Date: 14 Dec 2013 to 23 Mar 2014 (10 am - 10 pm)
Adult (13 yrs old above): RM25 
Child (4-12 yrs old): RM15

Background of Doraemon:
Doraemon is a Japanese manga series created by Fujiko Fujio, which later became an anime series and an Asian franchise. The series is about a robotic cat named Doraemon, who travels back in time from the 22nd century to aid a pre-teen boy called Nobita Nobi.

The main reason i went there is because of my brother. He's a huge fans of Doraemon and so do i. lol. I watched Doraemon series in manga and anime since i was small and Doraemon always surprise me with lots of new gadgets. Sometime i really wish that i'm Nobita, so that i can always ask Doraemon for help. lol.

Sorry for the very BLUE photo. lol.
It's very cool that they came out with the idea to bring out the real time machine kinda feel for everyone. It makes me feel that i'm on the way to the time dimension that Doraemon exists.

After you enter the hall, you will be greeted by a lot of Doraemon.

Doraemon with ears is crying.

My brother and I. 
Finally we saw the real Anywhere Door. The door that will let us travel without passport. 

 Trying to do the same expression as Doraemon but failed to do so. Doraemon is just too cute.
 I forgot the name of this potion. lol.

Doraemon with shoes~

Other than the display of Doraemon holding all 100 Gadgets, there are some other special things that we can see there in the exhibition!
The wedding of Shizuka and Nobita.
Just how cute is that! The real size of Shizuka and Nobita. It's a very memorable moments. (T.T)

Of course there is also a concert stage for Gian, The great singer.

There's also a very lovely place which you all will be very familiar with because there's the place they all went to after school, the playground. You will see Shizuka here.

We also met Gian and Suneo.

Met the very cute an tiny Jaiko.

This is it! The crying Doraemon and Nobita. lol.

 My brother trying to be friends with Dekisugi.

 Excuse me? Why are you holding Nobita's mom's hand? lol.

Mii chan also here to greet all of you.

There also some display of gadgets for us to try on too. So it's a very good place to lay around and take pictures.

 It was a great place for family and kids to play around. All the things and setup there were so cute and the important one is.... ALL IN REAL SIZE! lol.

 Pretending i'm buying something.

Before you exit the hall... there's a shop that sell the merchandise specially for this expo. 
The display of the products selling in the shop. My brother said that the yellow Doraemon plush doll was sold out long time ago. Well, i do hope that they restock again because it's so cute.

There also another shop outside the hall selling all the Doraemon merchandise.
It's so excited to see this huge Doraemon which cost about RM400. lol. Well, i couldn't afford it so i just took a photo with it. lol. And there's some cute cap selling there there too...

I think the most attractive place is this pop-up store that sell Doraemon-themed food.

So cute right?

I guess that's all for now because i have flooded this post with too many photos, lol. 
Please do visit the Expo if you have free time. lol.

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/DoraemonMY


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