Happy Chinese New Year

by - Saturday, February 01, 2014

Hello people!

First of all, i wish you all Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!
Time flies very fast, it's Chinese New Year again. I bet you all are enjoying the holidays right? lol.
Facebook was flooded with a lot of CNY photos and status wishing people having a good new year, well mine new year was kinda fun and nice.

This year was actually the second time i'm having the reunion dinner with my family at my own house because we didn't travel back to hometown. Mom was kinda busy with work but still she spent her time, preparing dinner for us. My dad also helped a lot by buying a lot of food and drinks to fill up the fridge just to make sure we all won't starve at home during the first day of CNY. lol.

A lot had happened during the past year but still we need to move on and look forward. lol. Let's forget all the unhappy things and live happily from now onwards. lol.

I also had a photoshoot session with my sister and my friends, Kido and Michael at TianHouGong this year before CNY. It's my first time wearing Cheongsam for photoshoot. Kinda nervous at that time because i'm dunno how to pose for photo. Unlike my sister, she's actually pro at posing. lol. 

My friends was very patiently waiting me to get used to posing so that i can get a nice photo. And the wind on that day was so strong until my hair got so messed up during the photoshoot. So my friends did put a lot of effort in taking a good photo! Thanks to them, i have a nice set of photo to post for this blog post.

Nice or not? lol.

Not only that, we also managed to take some special photos that are funny! Thanks to my bro for cooperating with me in this photo. He did a nice jump!
Jumping with high heels are killing my legs. But still i tried my best!

I kinda like this photo. At first i was trying to jump up but my pose here looks like i'm flying down to the ground from the sky. lol. Or am i levitating? lol.

Enough with the photos!!!Hahahaha. (Continue cny mood...)

Happy Chinese New Year! People!!! Stay fabulous, handsome and pretty!


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