Bloop Nail It! Toe Nail Strip [Review]

by - Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hello people,
Remember the previous review about nail art in my blog? That was for the finger nails and the product for today is about toe nail art...

Nail it! with bloop toe nail strip.

Thanks to Hishop and Bloop for giving me the chance to review about this product. I'm very in love with nail art but i normally go for finger nail art, so this toe nails strip is kinda a new thing for me. lol.

The main features of the nail strip are:
  • No drying time
  • Super thin
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Made with environmental-friendly materials
  • Allows air to penetrate through to nails
  • Last 5 - 7 days
Same as the finger nail strip, there's a very detail instruction on how to use this nail strip behind the package.
There are 9 steps stated in the instruction behind.

 So i shall begin the demonstration of how to use this nail strip in a simpler way!
So open the package first to take out the nail strip.

Inside the package, there will be one nail file and the nail strips.

Remove the nail strips from the plastic to take out the nail strips.

Remove the transparent protective layer first.

Then take out the nail strip carefully. Remember to take out carefully because the nail strips is very thin and it may breaks easily.

Select the correct size of nail strips and put the nail strips on your toe nail. Bear in mind that the rounded end of the nail strip should be facing the cuticle.

File off the extra part by using the nail file. Be sure to rub the strip over the nail starting from center working it out towards the sides to remove bubbles.

Here is it! Now you have pretty toe nail art with just few simple steps.

Personal thoughts:
I think that it's very good to have nail strips for toe nails because it's very easy to use. In order to have such a nail art, it's not easy, people have to know how to draw a nail art. So for a common people like me, i don't know how to draw. lol. The other thing that i like about this product very much is... it's pretty, there are not only available in one design, so you can actually have other different design by selecting the design you like when you shop for it. It's very great for party events also where you want to have pretty nails by using a quick way. And the main feature that i really like is, it can last more than a week (by applying a top coat on it)! Well, that's great because it last longer. 

For people who likes DIY nail art, you should try the Bloop nail strip.
Of course there are a lot of patterns for you to choose.
If you wanna look at other patterns, please visit the link below:

And lastly, a good news for my readers~

Exclusive RM20 rebate for my readers by using this code on Hishop: BLOOPNAILS
*With minimum purchase of RM99, valid till 31 January 2013*

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