Culture Japan Night Kuala Lumpur 2013 Winter

by - Monday, January 06, 2014

Hello people~
Can you guess why so many people queue up?
Can you spot who's standing on the chair in front?

If you all are the fans of Culture Japan, you all will definitely know that after CF2013, it"s Culture Japan Night 2013 Winter!
Details of the event:

Date : Dec 23 2013
Time : 2 - 8PM
Hall : Grand Ballroom

The hall was a lot bigger than past few years because want to accommodate more people. And since it's a Grand Ballroom, there are a  lot of space to move around. lol. The first thing to so when we entered the ballroom was to queue up for merchandise.

Mirai and Kizuna.

 The merchandise!!!
It's so orange. lol.

I wanted to purchase Chitose poster at first but i heard that the poster was sold out when i was still queuing, so ended up i only managed to get the macarons.

A photo of us with the Mirai macarons. lol. Cute onot????

But it's kinda cruel when you wanted to eat it.

My friend Kido, made the whole eating process looked more cruel. lol.

It's kinda happy to see so many people owned a dollfie. For me, i don't have any dollfie but i like to look at them. Aren't them just too pretty?
There were also pop-up booth selling artworks and badges.

More surprisingly, the guest of the day, Ikkyu sensei~
He's cute, and his signature is even more cute. lol.

After that, Danny Choo was giving his speech and presentation about Culture Japan and the main priorities for currently, the smart doll. It was a very good presentation because I learnt more about the process to create our own doll and of course the structure of the smart doll.
The setup of the demonstration.
It was even better that Danny decided to demonstrate the smartdoll for all of us.

Managed to get a photo with Jimmy Choo while waiting for the demonstration. ^^

Can see the Mirai in bikini?
She's in bikini because Danny wanna show us how exactly she will moves. It was a very great presentation and i really look forward to the launch of the smart doll in Malaysia. 

Sadly i didn't stay till the end of the event because i have something to do afterwards but i really enjoyed the whole event. Looking forward to CJC 2014 during August which will be held in KL.

I will end the post with a photo of Kido, my brother, my sister and I with Danny Choo. ^^
Hope we have the chance to talk to Danny more in the coming future, ^^

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