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by - Friday, January 24, 2014

Hello people,
It's almost Chinese New Year, how's your preparation to welcome CNY?

If you noticed my Instagram or Facebook, you might knew that i dyed my hair to the lightest brown color just to welcome this coming cny.

I went to Maruyama Kenji Hair Saloon again just to cut and dyed my hair. At first, i have no idea what color i should go for and all i can do is flipping through all the hair magazine for references. The only thing i have in my mind was i want a light color. lol.

I told Jaysom, the hairstylist about the result i want and thankfully he tried his best to understand what i actually want and he did it. At first, it was kinda difficult for me to believe that he can actually dye my hair to this result without bleaching my hair, but he did it. I was so surprise at the result of the hair color and i seriously want to thank him for spending time and putting so much effort on my hair. lol.

Didn't go for colorful colors such as purple, blue and so on.... but i will definitely try it in the coming future. lol. 

Seriously in love with my hair color now because it's so pretty.
In darker places, my hair will be appeared as a darker brown.

But the brown became a very light brown under sunlight~ mad love!!!

Did you dye your hair to welcome cny?


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