CERRO QREEN Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set [Review]

by - Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hello people,
Today i'm going to do a makeup tools review. This will be my first time doing review on makeup brush set. lol. Thanks to Natta Cosme for giving me this opportunity to review the CERRO QREEN Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set.
The other day when i received this lovely box.

When i opened it up, it was this large colorful paper with some product's description that i saw at first. I very like their packaging because they always make everything looks attractive and pretty. And they always make sure that the products reached us in the best condition by putting the product in such a big box. 

So here's what's inside the box, a Ferrero Rocher inside a small box and of course the CERRO QREEN Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set (7 pcs).

So the color i picked was blue color brush set. And it actually came with a blue cosmetic case with two long straps. For me, it's very small and convenience to bring on for travel.

And here's the brushes!
The brushes also came with blue wooden handle. The brushes is made of fibre with anti-bacterial property. So if you have sensitive skin, this might be your choice. And for your information, the price for this brush set only cost RM29.52 at Natta Cosme.

And the reason i picked up this set was because i'm more into eyes makeup. lol. So if you noticed it, most of the brushes in this set are made for eye's makeup. lol. And yes, there are total 7 pieces of brushes that are included in the makeup brush set. It's better than you get the brushes individually because it's more expensive.

So let's tried out the brushes...
This is the brush after i pick up the eye shadow color i want, so it can really pick up the eye shadow well. lol

When trying the eye shadow brush, it was so soft. ^^
This set contains 3 sizes of eye shadow brushes which you can fully utilize all three brushes to create the eye's makeup you want. And it's very easy to use.

I'm going to show you the before after applying makeup of my face...
This is before which i only applied BB cream and foundation powder.

And here's the after...
The brushes that i used to create this look is...
Eyeshadow Brush (Big/Medium/Small): To apply the eye shadows on my eye lid and under my eyes.
Eyeliner Brush: To apply eyeliner on my upper and lower eye lid.
Eyebrow Brush: To apply dark brown eyebrow color on my eyebrow.
Powder Brush: To apply highlights on my nose and apply blusher on my cheeks.

That's only one brush i did not use for this makeup -- the Eyelash Brush. But i will try to use it in my future makeup. 

Personal Thoughts:
The fibre wool was very soft the most important one is the wool doesn't fall out or came out easily. Some of the brushes i bought before, the wool fell out and it really looks not that nice anymore after a long period. Besides that, the makeup brush case is very easy to clean by using clothed to wipe it. And the thing i really like about the brush set is the size of it, it's small and convenience to put in the bag.

Well, if you are interested in purchasing this brush set, this is the link for it!

There's also other color available, you can check it out by this link!

That's it for this post, and i hope you like it!


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