DiGizens Thank You Sale

by - Friday, January 03, 2014

Who are the person that i'm most grateful of in life?
The answer will be my mom.

Without my mom, i won't exist in this world, 
Without my mom, i won't even have a life to live on.
Without my mom, i won't be who i am now.

My mom always put us at the first place, when our family went through a hard time, she was the one who took care of us. She go for work everyday, just to provide us a better environment, a better life, a better future. Whenever something's happened, she was the one who stand out to protect us. Whenever we are facing any problems, she will be the right one to talk to. Sometimes she's my best friends, sometimes she's a superwoman for me. She is irreplaceable in my heart.
She's always the one i love and respect the most.

Do you know that DiGi is having the Biggest Year End Promotion now?!
This time, you can reward yourself or your loved one with FREE smartphones, FREE tablet, FREE internet and FREE calls because DiGi is having the Thank You Sale for everyone!

So what's so good about the sale?!
With DiGi Thank You Sale, you can reward yourself with a Sony Xperia C for RM999 FREE!!


Even a Sony Xperia Z for RM2,199 FREE!!??

Can you imagine it? It's FREE! Who doesn't like free stuffs???
So what are you waiting for? Don't miss the chance to grab a smartphone, tablet for your loved one now through this awesome DiGi Year End Sale.

For more information about the sale, click "here" for more info.

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