Last Day for 2013

by - Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hello people,

This will be my last post for year 2013.

It sounds kinda sad that 2013 is leaving us so fast and when I look back at this year, it's so memorable.
A lot of things happened eventually for the whole 2013, there were happy things and sad things happened throughout the year. However, all those things that happened were part of the memories.

There were also a lot of achievements that i set at the beginning of 2013, but i just couldn't achieve most of them, it's kinda regretful for me.

Well, let's not make this post become more sad, so i will be talking about some happy events that happened throughout the year. lol. Well, i can't remembered the details, so i will try to summarize it.

1. I started to be more active in blogging, and there's lot of good things happened afterwards.
2. I bought a new laptop.
3. I attended a lot of events such as movie screenings, competitions, parties and so on...
4. I went to Bangkok for the first time.
5. I got the chance to attend Comic Fiesta as Official Blogger.
6. I got to know more friends especially someone that is so special to me.
7. I attended the Doraemon Expo.
8. I learned how to edit videos.

I guessed that's it? If you wanna know more detail just look back at my blog post for 2013.
Okay, i have to go now.
Let's welcome 2014!!! Have a goodnight everyone!


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  1. 1,2,4,5,& 8 for me too, haha!
    Happy New Year in advance~

    1. Lol,wow....almost the same. Happy new year too!!!!