Bloop Nail Polish [Review]

by - Monday, December 23, 2013

Hello people~
Today will be a review post about a nail polish -- Bloop Nail Polish!

First of all, thanks Bloop and Hishop for giving me the opportunity to review this product. I personally like anything about nail arts, i like to see my nails become pretty~ lol. So i was so happy when i received Bloop nail polish from Hishop for review. ^^

The color i got is H212, which is the neon orange. lol. 
It's my first time to try on neon series color, so i kinda looking forward to the result at the end. lol.
The main features about this nail polish are:
  1. Quick dry.
  2. Ultra Glossy.
  3. Long Lasting.
So i shall start applying the nail polish~

Open the bottle cap and apply the nail polish~ 

Here my nails before apply the nail polish.

And here's the result after applied the nail polish!
Nice onot?!

Personal thoughts:
I personally like the color because it's bright enough. I never thought that neon color will gave such a pretty result, maybe next time i will go more on neon color for my nails. lol. And it was my first time to try orange color on my nails. At first i thought it might looks weird but i'm totally wrong about it.

Another nice feature is, it dries up very fast, after applied the nail polish, it dries up approximately in 1 minute. Now, i don't have to wait for long hours just for the nail polish to dry up. And for this color, it's quite glossy actually because of the bright color. About the long-lasting feature, maybe i shall wait few more days to experiment it. lol.

Totally in love with Bloop Nail Polish.
For people who likes DIY nail art, you should give Bloop nail polish a try. You will like it~
Of course it's not only orange color, there are many other colors available.
If you wanna look at other colors, you can visit the link below:

And lastly, a good news for my readers~

Exclusive RM20 rebate for my readers by using this code on Hishop: BLOOPNAILS
*With minimum purchase of RM99, valid till 31 January 2013*

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