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by - Friday, December 06, 2013

Hello people~

Actually my life was full with assignments, presentation and test for the next two weeks and i'm kinda stressed actually. lol. So today, let me share about my favorite kpop group to release my stress!!!!

Have been so into korean songs if you know me well in person. lol. Most of the time i listen to korean song because their songs are nice. Among so many kpop groups, band and singers, there are few groups that i really very like recently. lol.


Big Bang
I'm just a fans of them that like their style and their songs. They just simply awesome in any aspects. There are 5 members in Big Bang, according to the above picture, from left to right is, GD, Seungri, Taeyang, Daesung and TOP. 

The member that i love the most is GD~~~
Sometimes he's cute and sometimes he's wild. Totally in love with his style and hair color. How can a person looks so good in every hair color? lol. 

I went to Big Bang concert for last year in Malaysia. It was my first time to watch them live with my own eyes. It was a very memorable moment for me. Well, i also hope i can see them more but my wallet just don't want to produce money for me. lol. But deep in my heart, i will always love them and support them.

A korean female group which i like the most. 2ne1 consists of 4 members, based on the picture above, from left to right are CL, Park Bom, Dara and Minzy. They are just the prettiest girl for me. I totally in love with their style in every music video. They always give me surprise whenever they publish their new mv. Everything is so nice! Of course their songs also nice, especially their recently new song -- Missing You. I've been listening to it every day. lol.

The member that i like the most is CL~~~
She's gorgeous, and i like her fashion sense. For me, her voice is the easiest to recognize in every songs. And one more thing i like about her is her eye's makeup, it's perfect! I personally more interested in eye's makeup and i wondered why. lol. Do you believe she's only 22 years old? lol. 
Although i like them but i never see them in real person. Hope when they come to Malaysia for their World Tour, i can go see them! 

EXO is a group with 12 members, you can't see their faces properly in the above pictures but i will list out their name for you. lol. The members of EXO are Kai, D.O., Lay, Tao, Kris, Lu Han, Sehun, Chanyeol, Xiumin, Suho, Baekhyun and Chen.

I'm recently in love with them because their recent new songs very nice. And after watching some variety show of them, totally in love with them. (Poison by them deeply) All of them have a very cute personalities which made me laugh out loud. And the most important thing is all of them look cute and handsome! lol. And their age range is 19 yrs old to 23 yrs old, so young right? lol.

The member i like the most is D.O.~~~
One word to describe D.O. --> CUTE. lol. He always get scared by a lot of things and he always blur at most of the time. He's actually the main vocalist for EXO-K. He's not talkative type of person but he just cute many ways. lol. 
Actually, i watched them performed live during MTV World Stage in Malaysia last few months. That time i still not really into them but their fans were so crazy for them! lol. And now i'm one of their fans, lol. Watched them performed on stage that time, i went home and kinda did some research on them because i wanna find a song of them named Growl. lol. Surprisingly some of them are Chinese and they speak Mandarin, lol. Well, i do hope i can see them soon in the future. lol.

That's all for my current favorite kpop group. lol. Although i'm not that hardcore fans lah, but i still love them. ^^


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