Comic Fiesta 2013

by - Friday, December 27, 2013

The greatest event of the year for all anime, games, cosplay and manga lovers, Comic Fiesta 2013.
This awesome event was held on 21-22 December 2013 at Hall 1-6 KL Convention Centre. If you passed by KLCC that day, you surely saw a lot of cosplayers and visitors there queuing up to enter the hall for this event.

I'm glad to be part of Comic Fiesta since few years back but this year was kinda different. I was very happy and honored to be assigned as the Official Blogger for covering the whole event. The pass that gave me more opportunity to cover more insights of the whole event.

The event's hall coverage:

I was able to go in earlier than other people, and the first thing i saw was this huge area reserved for the League of Legends (LOL) tournament. It's one of the main highlights of the event and it attracts a lot of visitors too.

The Culture Japan booth was also one of the main attractions of the events. The limited stocks of the merchandise attracted a lot of people to queue up early to get their hands on all the limited products. It's definitely the first place to run to if you are a fans of Culture Japan.

The other main attractions of the event is the Coffytiam booth

People can get the limited guest cosplayer official cosplay card and posters here for the signing session during the events. Other than that, they also selling the official Comic Fiesta merchandise such as t-shirt and badges.

On the way to Coffytiam booth, you could also see redjuice booth that exhibits his art work.
Of course there was also a Kinokuniya pop-up booth next to it and they were selling some books and merchandises. 

Yet another attractions of the event, the Creative Art Market. Hundred of artist selling their awesome work or products for the two-days events. How can you missed it? (It was one of the crowded place during the event)

On the way to the main stage, there were a lot of booths set up for visitors to pay a visit. Some of the booth also held some awesome mini games for people to win some prizes home. 

Gempak Starz was also setting up a booth for their readers and fans to pay a visit.

And here's the main stage for holding a lot of main activities during the event such as the Cosplay Competition,  Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 finals, performances, extra live, presentation, Endgame ft. livetune and prize giving ceremony.

There were also a Creative Factor happening at the panel room near Hall 5 for people who wants to get more closer and learn more about the guest.

My personal experiences: 

1. Finally get the chance to...
Become one of the people who witnessed the crowd entered the hall...

and queued up for hunting the merchandises.

I'm not an early person and i tends to be a bit late for event. lol. So it's kinda difficult for me to be the first to enter the hall for event. And people always said "Early birds get the worms" and i can feel that because the merchandise ran out so fast, especially the limited ones. And it was great to see everyone so hyped up during the morning for the event.

2. Get the chance to know more awesome people...

Meet my new friend, the pretty Hanie~
She's the official blogger for CF since 2011, so go read her blog for more CF coverage!

My brother, for being a great help on carrying my bag on that day.
My sister, Chelses.
She's also the official blogger for CF 2013 and also a cosplayer.

The director for Culture Japan, Danny Choo.
I got to know more about Japan through his website. Of course now you can also speed up your Japanese learning by reading the moemanga. ^^

Friends from Singapore that helped me a lot through the event. lol. Wei Yi.
He has the same last name as my brother.

My partner of the event, Kido.
He's kinda busy with photo-shooting and no time for me also. lol. Met him only when the event almost ended. lol.

My coursemate, Vincent.

Group photo with Ying Tze.
Famous cosplayer from Malaysia and also a blogger.

The pretty Angie.
She is also the famous cosplayer from Malaysia and a blogger.

My.... friend, Nero. lol.
Met him at the end of Day 2 and i missed his cosplay competition performance.

Guest cosplayer, stayxxxx.
She's so cool, handsome, good-looking, and awesome in her cosplay! She also very funny and bubbly in person.

Guest cosplayer, Onnies.
She's very pretty in person! Totally in love with her. Although i didn't talked much with her because i missed her media interview but i like her cosplay very much.

Guest cosplayer, Yuegene Fay.
She's shy, but she's cool and hansome in her cosplay. And she's so good-looking in every photos! (*Fainted*) She's very friendly too~

Guest cosplayer, Xrystal.
Cosplayer from Singapore and she's friendly in person. Managed to take a photo with her when she was free but i missed her media interview too.

For me, i like to meet new people because it's a great thing. When you talk to a particular person, you can learn more from him/her.  

3. Get a chance to attend the media interview.

Media interview with stayxxxx. 

Media interview with Danny Choo.

Media interview with Yuegene Fay.

Media interview with kz livetune.

It was a great experience because i get to listen to their stories and their future plans as well. Of course they also give us a lot of advice and opinions too. I really enjoyed all the media interview session because i gain so much knowledge from them.  For all the media interviews details, i will upload in separate post later. ^^ So please be patience~

4. The event, the cosplay.... Everything!

The best thing for the event is to enjoy the event. Even if i was so tired, but i just feel like i should keep on walking. lol. To take photos, to take videos, to meet people, to buy stuffs, everything is a part of the event. 

The Comic Fiesta 2013 was awesome and it was a great way to end the year of 2013. And for one thing i realized, the crowd is getting bigger for every year. ^^ It's really good to see the improvements for Comic Fiesta 2013. lol. Now i already looking forward to Comic Fiesta 2014. lol.

And also i wanna congratulate Comic Fiesta for attracting 40000 visitors!
Thanks to all the visitors for making this event even more great for everyone to enjoy~

Last but not least, i have to end my post with a video message from Yuegene Fay and a selca photo of my sister and me with Yuegene Fay. (*Fainted*)

That's all.


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