My Christmas Wishlist

by - Friday, December 13, 2013

Jingle bell...Jingle bell...
Christmas is around the corner and everyone is busy preparing their present for their loved one. lol. If you browse thorough website or go out for shopping, you can see year-end sale everywhere and this will be the best time to grab something for yourself or your loved one as a present.

However, there is even a more good news from because Santa Hermo will be granting wishes from butterflies this Christmas! Well, i knew i'm a good girl... (*cough*) So i'm going to make and Christmas wishlist for myself too.

So what should i wish for this Christmas???

Beauty Maker - Perfect Concealer Stick
(Product Link click ->HERE)

There are 3 colors available for this product and the color i wish for is the natural color (自然色).

Always wanted to purchase products from Beauty Maker but i can't because of my wallet... (too I wanna wish for a concealer stick because i don't have any concealer stick now. lol. I also wanna have a chance to try out Beauty Maker's product and share with you all how i feel about it. 

Anyway, i hope Santa Hermo will notice my little wish here. lol.
Please grant my wish for this coming Christmas! Hohoho...

Thanks again to The Butterfly Project and and that's all for my wishlist~


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