Miss Hana Smudge-Proof Liquid Eyeliner [Review]

by - Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Hello people!
Today's post will be a review post for Miss Hana new product, which is the Miss Hana Smudge-Proof Liquid Eyeliner.
Have been using other Miss Hana products especially the eye's makeup series and i definitely fall in love with this brand. Not only it has the cute package and product design, the product was good too!

Received my package on earlier days and this is it! Awww~~
However i still prefer the packaging of the Miss Hana smoky eyeliner, lol. 

So for you all who wanna know more about the ingredients, i purposely take a photo for you all to refer.

Product Description:
  • Perfectly defined gorgeous eyes & lasting 24 hours.
  • Super-fine brush tip designed as marker pen.
  • High pigment & color-saturated.
  • Apply smoothly with super-fine brush tip.
  • Unique waterproof & grease proof formula.
The eyeliner design was in brown because i bought milk tea brown color. As you can see, Miss Hana always go for girly design for their packaging and product design. And for this eyeliner, on top of the cap, there's a blink blink diamond-thingy for decoration.

If you are a first time user for liquid eyeliner, do not afraid! Miss Hana Liquid Eyeliner has super-fine brush tip for you to create a nice and perfect eyeliner.

How to apply?
Actually it's just a few very simple steps.
In order to create an ideal eyeliner for your everyday makeup:
  1. Draw 2mm eyeliner from the inner to the middle of the eye.
  2. Apply along the lashes from the middle to the outer corner of the eye.
  3. Featured the outer corner of the eye upper by extending 1cm.
  4. Deliver charming eyes effortlessly with colour-saturated.
How? Nice onot? It's very easy to draw the eyeliner because of the super-fine brush tip. It depends on you whether you wanna draw a thick or thin eyeliner.

Just for your information, eyeliner can make you look less tired. It also enlarge your eyes but it depends on how you draw the eyeliner. For me, eyeliner is my everyday-use eye's makeup product and it's very important for my daily makeup!

When i drew it on my hand, it's actually a dark brown color. And it's very easy to apply~

Even if i washed my hands with water, the eyeliner still there without smudging. And of course, it's also grease proof, so even if your face become oily under the hot weather, the eyeliner also won't smudge. And it's very long lasting. I actually apply the eyeliner and went to classes for almost more than 10 hours, the eyeliner did not smudge at all.

However, when i tried to clean it with makeup remover, it came off easily. Without leaving any traces.

Overall, i definitely will repurchase this product again in the future! Of course you can try to view other Miss Hana product too because all their products are awesome!

And there's lot of people asking me where to buy Miss Hana product, well... here are some suggestion for you all. lol.
 That's all for this post! lol.


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  1. wow, seems good! I'm looking for eyeliner which can stay on my oily eyelid for longer hours, would love to try this out! =)


  2. i heard of this from fellow bloggers, it's so nice and it's really waterproof . thanks for reviewing this

  3. Love your article, thanks for Miss Hana eyeliner reviews =)