My Sister's Birthday

by - Wednesday, September 25, 2013

25th September is my sister's birthday, so i would like to wish her Happy Birthday!
Didn't celebrate with her today but my family and I celebrated her birthday yesterday night and i bought a birthday cake for her. Although it was just a small celebration, family always the best.

So glad to see my sister became older, lol. Remember the time when we all still small and childish, we always stick together like glue and paper. Since i was so nerd when i was small, i always played with my sister at home. lol. When i was small, i tend to do a lot of very disgusting stuffs too and guess what?! Even now my sister still can recall what disgusting stuffs i did in the past and promote it to my bf. wtf. 

Even now, she and i also share the same interest and hobby which are online, cosplay, watch anime, read manga... and sleep... lol. And we kinda look like twins! lol. (after makeup~)

But... the only different for me and her is the....

She is so short, shorter than me half a head, lol. Even my little brother is taller than her. And guess what... She's the shortest in my family! Wahahahahahahhah! Each and every time my brother and I talked about height, she will be the one who keep silent. lol. 

Okay lah, don't want write too much of her bad good things here, later she shy~ lol.

Happy Birthday, sister. lol.


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