Animangaki 2013 Day 2

by - Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Muahahahahahaha, this will be a pending post since 25th Aug because i had been attending tons of events and of course my class started, so I'M SO SORRY FOR PROCRASTINATING EVERYTHING! lol. 

The event that i'm going to write now is the Animangaki 2013 which was held at Sunway Pyramid Convention Center on 24th and 25th August. Unfortunately, due to some issues, i only attended the Day 2 event and i decided to cosplay as the Heroine from Amnesia. lol.

So this was how i looked on that day. 

I was so sorry for all the photographers who asked me to "Change pose! Change pose!" because this character don't have any pose! Not that i don't want to pose for you all but... this character got no pose at all or very less pose. Even i asked my sister, she also said no pose, so how am i going to pose leh? lol. Somemore i was a lonely heroine on that day leh... why don't you photographers come pose with me? hahahahahahahhaa....

Say hi to my lovely brother on that day. lol.
Fortunately i still have my brother accompanied me on that day. He was walking with me during the whole event because i wanna take photos and videos. 

My brother and my sister.

Sincerely, i cosplay less than my sister a lot because i was busy with some other stuffs. Sometimes, i don't even have time to attend some of the cosplay event. But i still love all the events, it's great to see the events improving a lot since before. Of course the amount of cosplayer still keep on increasing year by year. My sister also introduced some of her friends to me on that day because i have no friend...? lol. Whatever lah, it was a nice thing to know some new friends. 

Below is the video that cover the whole event site and some of my experience during the event.
I hope you all like my video. ^^

Personal thoughts:
I think that Animangaki was getting better and better since before. As for what i know, most of the cosplayers said that this year Animangaki was fun and interesting. I saw a lot of cosplayer cosplayed some very rare anime or game characters which made the whole event more interesting. As for the booth, the amount is incresing and of course there were more stuffs for us to look at during this event. Overall, i kinda enjoyed the whole event. ^^


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