CNBLUE Malaysia Fan Meeting 2013

by - Monday, September 02, 2013

It's gonna be a very short post for me because i could not take any photos to share with you all. Although it was stated there as a fan meeting, but no photos were allowed on that day and i don't know why. Well, the press conference also happened on  the same day at the same place. Unfortunately i could not attend the press conference because i'm not a media. lol.

Thanks to my boyfriend's brother for giving me one of the Exclusive Pass and i swear i was so happy when i knew that i will meet CNBLUE the day before their concert which is on 23rd August 2013. lol. I also swear it was the best moment for the whole August.

However, there was too many things for me to complain on that day but all my complaints vanished at the moment i saw CNBLUE in front of me. lol. (So i decided not to complain anymore). Still need to point out one very important point about the fan meeting... How come the fan meeting time so short arh?

Anyway, the fans with the Exclusive Pass on that day got the opportunity to take photo with CNBLUE. All i can say is, "They all are so handsome." After the photo session done, Jonghyun and Yonghwa who were in front of me thanked us and they smile. (*Heart-melted*) How come they all so nice and sweet?!! lol.

I will cherish this photo forever. lol. I felt so lucky on that day because i met them in person before their concert. And finally, thanks Samsung for the photo. ^^


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