The 100th Post

by - Friday, September 06, 2013

Wtf, never believe it's the 100th post for my blog. Never thought i can continue on posting blog consistently till now. I know that i was kinda lazy because i did not update my blog so frequently compared to any other bloggers, but hey! I made it to the 100th post too! So what?! lol.

Actually this blog was not the blog i've been using since before.The previous blog got some issues so i switched to this new blog URL. And for before, i didn't update much at blog because i have no time and i'm lazy. However, i decided to change myself, and i become hardworking so i can update my blog! lol.

I remembered when i switched to this blog, i wanna set a theme for my blog such as food blog, fashion blog, beauty blog or many many more... But, i guessed i failed to do so because now my blog became "rojak" already. lol. I blog about travel, game, reviews, makeup, events and random stuffs. lol. My blog become my diary for me to jot down the interesting events that happen in my life and share it out. lol.

If you ask me will i continue on blogging, i will say yes.

Definitely will continue blog till 1000th post? lol.


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