D.I.Y Doll

by - Saturday, September 21, 2013

Ever wonder what should give to your friends or boyfriend as a present for their birthday?
I admit that most of the time i will just buy some cute stuff for people as present but sometimes, DIY present is quite nice too!

Few days before was my boyfriend's birthday and i'm out if idea of what should i buy for him. I actually search through the internet and found out that DIY a present was actually a very good idea and it's unique too. That's why i decided to make a doll for him. (I know it's weird to give a doll for a guy but he likes it, lol.)

In this post, i will show you all how to DIY a doll...


  1. Clothes
  2. Buttons
  3. Cottons
  4. Scissors
  5. Needle
  6. Thread
  7. Papers
  • In order to make a doll, first you have to draw the shape of the doll on a paper using pen or pencil. 
  • Cut out the paper according to the shape you draw.
  • Put the paper on a cloth that you have chosen and cut out the cloth according to the shape. (You can actually use needles to fix the paper on the cloth.)
  • Make sure you cut out 2 piece of clothes with the same shape.
  • You can use some buttons to make the eyes and nose of your doll.
  • Fix the button's position on 1 piece of the cloth and sew it.

  • You can sew a ribbon or other decorated stuffs for your doll to make it not so empty.
  • Sew two pieces of clothes together and make sure it's completely sew.
  • Please take note that you should leave a hole to stuff the cotton.
  • After that, it will become like this and it's time for the next step!
  • Take some cotton and stuff it inside the doll. 
  • The amount of cotton is depends on your own decision.
  • After putting in the cotton, the doll will become puffy.
  • Make sure there's no hole for the cotton to leak out and your doll is done!
Here's the complete doll! To make it even cuter, my bf put a glasses on it, cute or not??? lol.
Hope you all like it and you all can try it by yourself.


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