Randomness 1

by - Friday, September 27, 2013

I kept on surfing the internet for Korean makeup and beauty products recently and I wanna buy a lot of stuffs because everything are cute!!! BUT i'm out of money recently. lol. 

My boyfriend always complained about me because i really lack of the "save money" talent. For your information, my parents no longer give me pocket money so i have to earn money by my own. lol. There's where all the financial problems appear because i don't have enough money to spend on the things i like. 

What to do... have to save money every month to buy stuffs lo... if not then i have to control myself and save more money. Damn lucky i got a bf who is very expert in saving money. lol... The way he saves money is epic!...

However! I still wanna buy all the Korean products i like because i read too many reviews from bloggers and Youtube. lol. Just for your information, i really love to discover new makeup style but i just do not have all the tools and makeup stuffs... lol... too bad...

My mood for today....: Moody~ lol.

But later on i guess my mood will be...: Excited!

Going for Buffet dinner later on with my bf. lol. Actually he very loves me, but he's strict at some points. lol.
Two more days till the first anniversary with him for being together. lol. (Not married yet!)

That's all.


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