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Hello people, after a very long time of m.i.a, finally i decided to update my blog with some RPG game review. If you read my blog before, you all would knew that i'm a big fans of RPGmaker horror games. lol. I've been playing a lot of games currently to kill my time but now my holidays have come to the end. My degree year 3 had already started. Sorry for procrastinating my blog, lol.

So here's the game title: Paranoiac.

It is a very cool freeware horror game created by Uri in Wolf RPG Editor. As you can see the title screen already looks scary, you can roughly predict what you will see in the game. lol

The whole game started with the main character named Miki Takamura (a novelist)  who just moved into her aunt's dusty house. For your info, her aunt passes away dramatically because of committed suicide. lol. 

The game started with a very easy way which is to walk around the house. You can explore the house's room one by one but of course some door was locked. You can click on things and stuffs to explore a bit...

Then you will see some funny dialogue like this... lol.

For my personal advice, i suggest you to explore where can you hide because you will need it later on. And make sure you remember the room position. lol.

Now you will be wondering why Miki said that "That thing's...gone...". Well it was because you will encounter a monster in the house during the night time, and you will have to find a place to hide. Beware! not every place is safe enough for you to hide. If you hide in the wrong place, you will found by the monster. When the monster found you, there will be two outcomes, 1st is you need to find another place to hide, and 2nd is you will get killed and game over. The hide and seek will continue on until you find the correct spot to hide. lol. (I think i should warn you about the monster's speed, lol, it's fast. Oh and... you cannot hide when the monster is in the same room with you. lol.)

You will see this handsome character in the middle of the game.

The name of this guy is Shinji Miura, he's the neighbor from across the street. He's a very caring guy for Miki because he will help Miki sometimes. lol. (I think they will fall in love with each other, lol.) 

At first, you can see that Miki don't wanna trouble him a lot. But things got serious day by day....
Disturbing phones happened with creepy hair paper coming out from the fax machine. lol. Of course there are many other things such as the monster chasing her every night and she have to sleep in the hiding spot till the morning, she fell into the well and chase by the monster...

And Shinji will be there to help her. lol.
After Miki told Shinji about her experiences in the new house, although it's unbelievable, Shinji asked her to stay at his house for one night and he will go and look around the house for Miki.

And one funny thing that i felt about the game is... how come Miki's house so big and Shinji's house so damn small! lol. I know it's clean but the size of the house is way to small compared to Miki's house. lol. 

Somehow, Shinji confirmed that the house don't have any monster at the end and conclude that...
Maybe it's Miki's hallucinations or delusions? 
Of course Miki will get to choose whether she believes that it was just a delusion or it was really a monster, and that will decide the ending of the game. lol.

Of course i luckily chose the good ending at first try. lol.
For the ending i chose, i have to run to the basement. An event will occur in the basement. It's a dead end at the basement and the monster will come into the room.
 And then, the stuff bear will fall on the floor and a flashback event occurs.

You finally see Miki's aunty's real face. Well, i can say that her aunt is a pretty woman. lol. It appears that her aunt is way more better than her bitchy mother, no wonder Miki loves her aunt.

After the event, Miki lost her conscious until Shinji found her at the basement.

After that, it's story time. Since it's a good ending, Miki visits the doctor and found that she's sick. At the end, she decided to leave the house and live with her mother. lol. 

The whole game story was good, i really enjoyed the whole game. Especially the moment when you chase by the monster and you have to find the place to hide. lol. Didn't thought that hiding is the way to alive in the game. The whole graphics and sound effects are good enough to scare me and it's a good game to play during holidays. lol. 

I hope Uri will produces more games in the future. If you do not know, she's also the creator of two very famous rpg horror game which are "The Crooked Man" and "Mermaid Swamp". Currently i'm playing Mermaid Swamp and i promise the game review will be up soon. lol.

That's all from my game review and i hope you all like it.

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