OPI Nail Envy & OPI Avoplex (Review)

by - Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hello people, today i'm going to do another product's review post. However this review will be kinda different because i'm doing a video for it too. Had been editing the video for half a day because it's not an easy task to produce a good quality video which only less than 10 minutes?! wtf. 

The products that i'm going to review are the OPI Nail Envy and OPI Avoplex.
As you can see, it comes in pair as the Perfect Couple. lol. It's kind of funny about the name because i really don't understand why they named it like that at first. Well, everything happened for a reason, there should be a reason for them to named it the Perfect Couple. lol.

The bottles, the bottles, lol. These 2 bottles cost me a lot of money though. (*heartbroken*) But it's okay, it's for my nail to become stronger.

Now you see my original nail after removed the color gel thingy, so freaking ugly nail. It's a no-no for me to have this kind of ugly nail, that's why i did color gel before. But the nail technician said that my nails became softer and cracked easily, so she suggested and recommended me the OPI Nail Envy. She told me to apply it every two days for two weeks. 

What is OPI Nail Envy?
It is a Nail Strengthener with wheat protein and calcium. It can resist peeling, cracking and splitting of nails. It is recommended to apply two coats followed by one coat every other day.

What is OPI Avoplex?
Avoplex actually moisturizes and conditions cuticles and nails with OPI's exclusive Avocado Lipid Complex. Gently massage one drop into each cuticle twice a day will give you the best result.

So here's the video that i put in a lot of efforts. lol
Although it was less than 10 minutes, i tried my best to put in my best into this video. And now only i realized i pronounce "manicure" wrongly. lol. Whatever, i'm too nervous that time lol.

Hope you like it. lol.
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