Important Things

by - Thursday, August 15, 2013

There's always some important things that meant so much for you in your life, do you?

Although it's not a expensive stuff, but it meant so much for me because it was my birth certificate. lol. I thought i lost it because i really couldn't find my birth cert after searching every corner of my house. I was spending whole day looking for it through some files, some bags and some racks, but i just couldn't find it. 

You will understand how i feel when you lost something important. When I tried to be calm and recalled where i put my birth cert, the important part of the memory just became blank. I was so frustrated and worried because i don't wanna lose it. I was so afraid that i might threw it away with some papers in the past. I was almost crying during the search. The worst part was i was allergic towards dust, so when i search through all the dusty old files, my nose was dead. lol.

So you will be wondering whether i found it or not and the answer is YES! I FOUND IT! Thank god i found it, if not i will cry out loud and ended up i spent my day searching for nothing. lol.

Now i understand how important to keep our things organize, especially those important things such as documents. Of course, there's still some important things that i will not throw away such as presents from other people, and some childhood photos. For me, photos are still the most important thing for me because it was a memory of my life. 

I knew it was a very random post and it might be a bit boring for you all, but i just feel like writing it down. lol. I promise i will keep my blog update with more interesting post, lol.

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