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Hello everyone, sorry for procrastinating again. (*feel like i'm always apologizing*)
Today i will be reviewing another awesome game... Can you guess the title? If you were following my facebook page or twitter, you might know because i post the title out in one of my updates. lol.

The game title is...... (*drum-rolls*)

Hello?Hell...o? is a freeware horror game created by Ryuuichi Tachibana. It was made in RPG Maker VX Ace. For me, the concept of the game was quite different from others. lol. I had play few RPGMaker horror games but this was the one that made me quite surprised.

 photo blog-200_zpsf0aa1414.jpg
The game started with a very simple sentence, which was also the title of the game. lol. So, "I know" is equal to "Start Game" and "See You" was equal to "Quit Game". It was so different from other game which made me quite surprised and confused. 

 photo blog-203_zps9e8946c3.jpg
The whole story line was basically started with a guy (Kazuki) which you have no idea who he is. It was kinda scary when the mobile phone rang with a red light blinking. lol. That was how the whole story begin. You do not need to do anything but answer the phone. 

 photo blog-204_zpsa2f9e669.jpg
Then the whole story just ended. lol.... But it ended with End 1. Maybe you all will be wondering, what is the meaning of End 1. Well, for your information, this game contain 30 event's endings, 5 Bad Ends, 1 Happy End and 1 True End. Sounds a bit crazy right? Well, that's the specialty of this game. 

 photo blog-202_zpse22e7eb8.jpg
The game will contain 30 events for the player to trigger, each event will trigger one ending. If you are the collector, you can try to trigger the whole 30 different endings by yourself. 

 photo blog-201_zps9fdf80a0.jpg
Of course you can trigger all events, but only few events will let the game proceeds. 

 photo blog-205_zps23bff0b3.jpg  photo blog-207_zps30ec6d1f.jpg
Every time you trigger one ending, you will see the ending title and then back to the main menu. However if you trigger the correct ending, you will notice that the words on the screen will increase. lol. That's another specialty of the game. 

The ending of the guy's story was quite... weird. lol. I did not understand a single thing at all because it was so mindfuck. lol. Everything kept on repeating and repeating and i still have no idea about the whole story. All i knew was, i was scared by the sound effects and some disturbing images all the time. 

I thought it was already the end. Then....
 photo blog-210_zpsced5a865.jpg
This very mind fucking screen appeared. It's the same screen but the words are different. lol. What to do beside clicking the "I know", i wanna see what's going to happen. Hahaha.

 photo blog-209_zpsf5fdbc10.jpg
So, this unknown girl (Akari) appeared and i noticed that the room was a mirror room from the guy's room. lol. The story line of the girl's version and the events occur will be the same as the guy's version. It's just the placement of the stuffs were opposite from the guy's room. But.... but... but... the ending was different and it was related with the guy's ending. So now you know that after the girl's version ends, the game will direct you back to the guy's version. lol. 

So here's the important point! When the girl met the guy ghost, please walk to the fireplace. Why?

Because Kazuki will save her!

Then the game will back to the guy's version which is Kazuki version. The game will be repeated in a shorter way because the main event is the Real Ending.

So here's a few shots from the Ending. lol. Please enjoy.

 photo blog-208_zps71b391a2.jpg
Akari ghost appeared!
After you get control of Kazuki again, do the same as the girl, walk to the fireplace too.

 photo blog-211_zpsa9c5ec94.jpg photo blog-212_zps49768b81.jpg
 photo blog-213_zps7c1f89cb.jpg
Then Kazuki will rescue Akari from the fireplace and ask her to get out of this room together. lol.

 photo blog-214_zpse100c92e.jpg  photo blog-215_zps722b6e96.jpg
The true ending!

For what i understood from the game, the guy is the real Kazuki but i still not sure about the girl. Is she the real Akari? Based on the information in the game, Akari was Kazuki 's lover and she was dead because of car accident. The whole story line was quite confusing and for me, the game story line doesn't make any sense at all. lol. However, if you like to be scared by the game, go on and play it because the sound effect and visual effect are awesome. (Note that you must wear your headphone or earphone during the game, it will be scarier.)

Don't be scared all the time because the game still good enough to provide you some eye candy which is...

 photo blog-206_zps6eccbe41.jpg
Sexy girl's back!

Relax and enjoy the game. lol.
Installation of the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP: http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/run-time-package

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