[Makeup Tutorial] How to make your eyes look larger?

by - Friday, August 02, 2013

 photo youtube1_zpse2a9159e.jpg
This will be my first video tutorial to show you all how i do my makeup to make my eyes look larger (*shy*). Especially those people who have hidden double eyelid, i hope that my video tutorial will be able to help you all. lol. 

That's my video! OMG, i was so nervous when i was in front of the camera. I cut a lot of scenes because i kept on made mistakes. lol. 

So what i'm going to do in this post is to highlight some points, lol.
  • I applied foundation, BB cream and concealer to cover my dark eye circles, the large pores on my skin and to make my skin looked smoother and brighter. 
  • I purposely drew the eyeliner longer so that my nose will looks smaller. 
  • Fake Eyelashes is a must! It's important so that your eyes become larger.
  • Used darker color of eye shadow or eyeliner so that you can see the effect more obvious. 
  • Draw fake double eyelid to make your eyes looks larger and facial features became more obvious. If you don't want to draw fake double eyelid, you can try to use double eyelid tape or something else that can create the double eyelid effect or make your double eyelid more obvious.
I considered my makeup was quite heavy because i need to show it in video. For my opinion, if you are planning to do a photoshoot or video recording, heavy makeup is essential to make you appeared nicer in photos or videos. I tried to do a light makeup for photoshoot before and i can tell you that the outcome was a disaster because my face looks pale and tired. 

However, if you wanna makeup for daily outing or selca, a light makeup is sufficient to make you look extremely pretty in photos. lol.

That's all for this post. I have tried my best and i hope you all will like it.


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