Bangkok, Thailand - Part 1

by - Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hello people, today i'm going to post about my Bangkok Trip, Part 1~ (*Finally*)
Booked the flight ticket from Air Asia like 2 months ago and finally it's the time!

Although went to Thailand many times before, it's my first time to Bangkok! Always heard that Bangkok is a good place to shop and relax. Chilling in the plane and thinking about what i should do when i arrive at Bangkok. lol.

Reached Bangkok around 9 in the morning. I was so sleepy when i reached Bangkok because i don't have enough sleep and i'm not a morning person (kekeke...). I decided to take a free & easy package to Bangkok because i did not know where to go during my first visit to Bangkok. The best thing was the transportation to airport was included so i don't need to worry about how to go hotel.

Since i was so free during the first day of the trip, my bf and i decided to walk around and survey about the place in Bangkok first. The hotel that we stayed was the P2 Boutique Hotel. It was a nice hotel with friendly staffs and nice environment because it was located at Pratunam area. lol. Shopping paradise huh...

However, my bf said we should walked around the Siam Center area first. I was totally shocked by the size of the shopping mall in Bangkok. All the shopping malls were huge and nice and pretty! 

Guess what? We found one of the well-known dessert selling place in Bangkok.
Tadaaaa.... "After You". 
For your information, it is a shop that sell dessert, especially toast. It was very popular in Bangkok. It was located at Siam Paragon ground floor i guessed, opposite the supermarket near the food court. It's a must-go place in Bangkok because we can't find this kind of toast dessert in Malaysia. lol.

With my lovely bf. He was super excited about the dessert. lol.

The environment of the shop. Very relaxing environment. Totally the best choice for tea time. lol.

It's the time now for me to introduce you all the special toast ordered by my bf...
Forgot the name but it was a toast full with Ferrero Rocher chocolate. lol.
It was a huge portion for me, luckily i didn't order another toast. Since my bf not really like sweet stuff, this portion just right for me and him to taste it out. lol. 

Me with the toast. 
The toast was full with ice cream, chocolate and whipped cream. lol. The price for the toast was around 200 baht. It's kinda expensive for me but it's okay since it's super tasty. lol.

Walked around the Siam Paragon area and my bf was recording most of the time with the camcorder. I think video was the best way to record the memorable moments.

Accidentally saw NaRaYa shop at Siam Center! lol. Damn lucky that day. It's a shop that sell a lot of bags. When i walked in the shop, what i saw was a war, a shopping war. I saw many people grabbed a lot of bags like the bags were free of charge. lol. If you ask me about the price of the bag, please don't judge the shop by it's look, the price of the products inside the shop was roughly between 20 baht to 600 baht. Cheap right?

Walked around Siam Square and saw this huge Mentos! lol. Why so creative? 

Walked around at Siam Square and surveyed about all the stuff's price and places around that area. Failed photo because my bf did not look into camera. And my eyes were covered by my hair fringe.

After that it's time for dinner. Decided to try out one of the restaurants recommended by few bloggers.
Som Tam Nua.
If you wanna look for this restaurant, it was around Soi 5 at Siam Square. It is a restaurant that serves local Thai dishes. So, if you are lazy to walk around and look for Thai food, you can go to Som Tam Nua.

The food i ordered there for dinner were:
Fried Chicken.
The fried chicken was yummy. It's a lot different than the fried chicken in Malaysia. lol. I guessed the seasoning they used was different.

Spicy Papaya Salad. 
The papaya salad can be described with only one word, "SPICY". Don't judge the salad by the look and by the name. Although it was PAPAYA SALAD, and you couldn't see any CHILI in it, it doesn't mean it was not spicy! Damn, this salad was so spicy till the level you cannot imagine. lol. If you are the person who cannot take spicy food, i'm here to advice you: "DON'T EAT THAT!"

Fried Rice Noodle.
Fried Rice Noodle was still okay. Neither taste bad nor delicious, it was just so so. lol. It was a rather normal dish for me. You all can try it out when you all visit to Bangkok. lol.

For my personal opinion, Som Tam Nua was just okay lah. lol. Not too bad and not too good. The best thing is you can try out a lot of local Thai food at one place rather than walking around and searching for food. And the portion of the food was quite small for Malaysian. lol. The price for the food there is the same as the food price at Malaysia Cafe Restaurant, so it was.................. not cheap for me.

Okay lah, that's the end of Part 1. It was a relaxing day because my bf and i walked around without any plan. lol.

p/s: Bangkok's traffic was..... very jam and the weather there was..... super hot. lol.

Will update about Part 2 soon. xoxo.

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