Customizable Vanity Trove?

by - Friday, July 12, 2013

Do you know Vanity Trove?

 photo 1_zps209d49d9.png
This is it! Vanity Trove.

For your information, Vanity Trove will be introducing their new smart system to bring the beauty discovery towards a whole new level.
So what's about the new system huh?

The new system enable you to personalize your own beauty discovery based on your beauty profile and preferences. Remember the beauty profile you use to describe yourself?

 photo 5_zps73d045c4.jpg
Here's the beauty profile. It was specifically categorize into General, Face, Eyes, Body and Hair categories. Select wisely and sincerely, it's for your own good. Once you updated it, they will know what to choose for you, just to scope down your selections.

 photo 3_zps5dc536aa.jpg
If you go to the "Shop" tab on the above menu selections, you will get into this page. So, to get more personal now, all you have to do is follow the simple steps! Based on the unique beauty profile by answering few simple questions, the system will help you by recommend some samples for you to try.

 photo 2_zps8628c205.jpg
Here's the recommendations! Well, it's a lot for me to choose. lol. * I'm bad in choosing stuffs!* So it's all about you, it's your decision to select the products you like and prefer. (That's why it's unique!) Rate it, Like it and Select the product you want, it's simple. After you confirm everything, check out your shopping cart and wait for the surprises within a week.

 photo 4_zpsc41b9ee8.jpg
That's not all of it! Not yet end there~
Remember to keep track of your beauty loves. Add them to wishlists and like the product and the brand. Submit a review for your loves and share the love to everyone. Sharing is caring, do not keep the thoughts to yourself, SHARE IT OUT!

So what do you waiting for?
I'm waiting for mine now, how about you?

Wanna know more about it? Wanna subscribe to it?
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