Churper's Day Out with Chatime

by - Sunday, July 21, 2013

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Chatime is a best place for me to chill out when i'm free or when i'm tired of walking in a shopping mall because i can have my favorite Passion Fruit QQ there, even my brother and sister also like Chatime. Since i like Chatime so much (*especially the Passion fruit drinks*), it's nice to receive the invitation to the Churper's Day Out with Chatime, thanks to Churp Churp and Chatime.

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It's my honor to have the opportunity to try out the new drink's flavor first before everyone else in Malaysia. lol. In conjunction with the MBBT art exhibition, Chatime will be releasing a series of new drink's flavor. The flavors will be related to the local fruit series, which are the Honeydew Smootea, Honeydew Milk tea, Pear Juice, Pear Fruit Green Tea and Durian Smootea. Exciting right?

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I brought my bf together because he wanna try out the new flavors too. We got a chance to order anything we want during that time, so i ordered the Durian Smootea because I was curious about the taste. And my bf ordered the Honeydew Smootea. lol.

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While waiting for the drinks... Took a photo of the counter. Can anyone recognize where this Chatime located at? lol.. It's at Publika.

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After a long wait, let me introduce you all the new flavors that I've ordered! The Honeydew Smootea (left) and Durian Smootea (right). Can you spot Churpie on the drink's cover? 

Not only i got the chance to try out the new drink's flavor, I also met some of my friends there. 
I was surprised to meet my sister's best friend, Esther there.

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The cute Jacq Jacq

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Pretty Janice.

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Since it was in conjunction with the MBBT 2013 Art Exhibition, there will be 2 "tour guides" that guided us throughout the exhibition and explained the art for us. I'm not a person who really into art, so i have no idea how to understand the art pieces. Thanks to their explanation, i finally understand some of the art which i really don't understand.

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Featuring local fruits, the designers or artist made great artworks based on the theme.

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More and more artworks that i think it's special. Of course there are more but i couldn't fit all the photos into this blog. 

And the quiz session was held to give out free t-shirts for the winners.
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There are 10 t-shirts for 5 pair of winners. The t-shirt design that i wanted the most was the banana design. It was cute therefore i wanna bring it home. I wasn't think that i will bring it home because everyone were faster than me when came to answering question. However, i think i was lucky enough to get the last question correct thanks to my bf for giving me the answer. Thanks to Little Ideas Everyday (L.I.E) because it's the answer that won me the t-shirts.

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And i won the t-shirts!!! Can you see that happy and sad banana?!

And then, the thing that makes everyone happy, the goodies bag!
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I'm surprised that the Line doll was inside everyone's goodies bag. It was cute and i love it. They also put in some vouchers for us to redeem the drinks at Chatime. Thanks to Churp Churp and Chatime again!

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Once again thanks to MBBT (Makanlah Buah-Buahan Tempatan) 2013 for this awesome poster book.

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Good news for you all who like Chatime, they will launch the new drink's flavors on 1st August 2013. Whoever want to try out their new flavors, don't miss out the chance!
Remember, it's 1st August 2013!

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