Cyber Colors 4 in 1 Eco-BB Cream SPF 45PA++ (Review)

by - Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Today i'm going to do another review about BB cream. Although various brands of CC cream was launched not long ago at Malaysia market, I guessed i will still stick with BB cream for now. 
 photo blog-10_zps9678b598.jpg
Hmm.... so what's the brand of BB cream i'm going to talk about? *drum rolls*

It is the Cyber Colors 4 in 1 Eco-BB Cream SPF 45PA++.
 photo blog-11_zps21da64c9.jpg  photo blog-12_zps522b09bd.jpg
The main reason that i changed to this BB cream was because it was non-sticky after i tried on the samples. lol. And the second reason was, SASA is having sale now, so everything there were cheap. Just for your information, the previous BB cream was way too oily for me and i don't like the smell. 

 photo blog-14_zps8f4ac6bf.jpg
However, Cyber Colors 4 in 1 Eco-BB Cream does not give me the oily and sticky feeling after i applied on my face. Other than that, it does not smell bad too. 

Now, I will show you the difference of my skin before and after i apply the BB Cream.
 photo blog-13_zpsabb9c3af.jpg  photo blog-15_zpsbab8f032.jpg
(Sorry if my zero-makeup face scares you. lol...)
The left photo is before apply BB cream and the right photo is after apply BB cream. As you all can see, i have uneven skin tone, pores that can be seen easily, pimples and dark circle under my eyes. How can i show my bare face to people?! Even though without eyes makeup, some light foundation and BB cream is a must!

This is the time when Cyber Colors 4 in 1 Eco-BB Cream comes to a good use. As you can see, after i applied the BB cream, the skin pores have disappeared, dark circles under eyes were lighter, pimples not so visible and it fixed my uneven skin tone. The best of it was it is non-sticky, non-greasy and long-lasting. I put on the BB cream for more than 8 hours, and it's still there on my face.
 photo blog-16_zps55c65136.jpg
Not bad right? I will give it a 4/5. Where's the 1 mark gone? Well, i remembered the promoter said something like: "It's only available in Natural tone color." If there are more color selections, probably will be better. lol.

For some additional information, here's the ingredient list of Cyber Colors 4 in 1 Eco-BB Cream:

Please do zoom in and have a look by clicking on the photos. ^^

Hope you like my review.

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  1. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog while looking for cyber colour bb cream.. Please post the ingredients list :) appreciate it

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for the suggestion, i had posted up the ingredient list in my post. ^^