Kuroneko Cosplay (School Uniform version)

by - Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tadaaaa..... Hello everyone, finally i'm able to pull myself out from One Piece anime series and started to blog here. lol. Kinda addicted to anime series for these few days.

Today, i found this photo from one of my friend's blog. Thanks to Esther for taking this photo and posting it out. I think it was the best shot for that day during C2Age. lol. I didn't expect that the photo came out so well and natural. 
 photo kuroneko_zpsedcd7bb4.jpg
This is it! Kuroneko looking at Chupa Chups.

Sometimes, I think it's kinda good to take some photo which looks more natural. Maybe it's because i do not know how to pose in front of camera. I feel very nervous when the photographer ask me to pose or ask me to think of a pose, that is the time when my mind just went blank~

I think there are tons of things for me to learn when come to posing during cosplay photography session. I hope i can do well, but sometimes the results just... doesn't reach my expectation. (*feeling disappointed at myself*). 

However, i will put more effort into it! (*頑張って!*)

Another photo which i like for that day.
Thanks to Razrig for this lovely photo, although i dunno how to pose, still you can manage to take such nice photo. lol. (*ありがとう!*)


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