After exam

by - Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Happy end of exam to me after suffering for two weeks. I had my 2nd year 1st sem final exam last 2 weeks. It was quite difficult for me because I had to read many things to score well in my exam. 
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Thanks to myself that i need to read a lot and become so emo before exam because i always not paying attention in class and ended up fall asleep in class. Ended up now, i have panda eyes...sob sob.
I wonder how people feel before exam??? 
For me, I'm kinda stress for whole exam period because i have no time to play games, read manga, watch anime and write blog too! even my facebook, twitter and insta also died at the same time.
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However, exam finally finished and now....I can blog whenever i like! Hooray~~ Was thinking i can play games, read manga, watch anime everyday after exam but I'm wrong! Because now i have to work part time to earn more money for cny. I guess i can say bye bye to my holiday because after cny, my new sem starts. And after my 2nd sem, i have to continue on my degree lvl 3. I HAVE NO TIME TO HOLIDAY ANYMORE! wtf....miserable life.

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Holiday to everyone! Have a nice

[Review about RPG game- Mad Father coming up soon for next post.]

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