Mad Father

by - Friday, February 08, 2013

Hello everyone, here's another game review from me. It was one of the famous horror RPG game nowadays -->> Mad Father. I decided to play this game after i knew it from my sister. It's a game that looks like IB and Witch House. However, for Mad Father, it had a much more mind-fucking storyline. hahahahaha!

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The storyline basically start with a little girl named Aya. She has a father that always hide inside the basement lab and did some weird or scary experiments. Other than did experiments, her father also had sex? i guess with his assistant in the lab. The this little girl Aya was stupid naive till she believe her father was a kind father and love her father so much.

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This is the creepy Father that play a very important role in the whole story because the whole story is about Aya saving him from her dead mother. Her father had a very perverted and scary look and i personally dislike him. lol. 

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This is the Aya's Father's Assistant, Maria. She looks kinda pale and she does look like a doll for me. Also a very important role in this game during the ending part of this game.

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The whole nightmare started when Aya heard her Father's screaming from the Basement at the 2nd Floor.(How awesome!) Then AYa walked out from her room and  discovered the corpse loitering around the house. Aya does gave a lot of cute expression and voice which is quite moe...XD

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The bald-head guy named Ogre. He was a very creepy guy who exists at some place which are not in our expectations. He's mainly the guide for the whole game. He does explain for what's happening in this freaking mansion.  He was also the one who told Aya about the curse that fall on this mansion.

Yup, Aya, Father, Maria and Ogre are the "important" characters in this game because they appeared many times in the scene. However there are one special thing about this game. This game required player to search for Gem. Gem only available to collect after some special events. If the player able to collect all the Gem, there will be another best ending for his game. However, Gem is not easy to collect if you didn't watch the walkthrough before because you have to figure out how to trigger the events.

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Some events such as ghost appear will happen when you click on something. Then the ghost might ask you to help him or her something. After you help them out, they will left a Gem for you. Some of the ghost also left some usable key items that will help you in the game.

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Snowball, the rabbit also usable in letting it pick up something in the storeroom. You can get the rabbit inside Aya's room. There were some hidden passage too inside the game. Like the fireplace and the hidden passage near the doll room. The hardest part in this game is, you have to figure out what to do and where to get all the items all by yourself. Sometimes, you will be clueless halfway and might ended up circling the place again and again.

There are basically two normal endings for this game depending on the choice you made when you proceed  to the final of the game.

1. Choose to save father
If you choose to save father, then i have to congratz you because it is the good ending for this game. The truth of Aya's dad's experiment and his final goal will be reveal by her mom. Then her father will try to kill her by holding the chainsaw. But, the good thing is, Maria will try to help you out during the escape. And her father died at the end of this game. However, after few years, Aya's actually become a doctor and carry out her father's experiment at the end of the story. Although it's a good ending, it was quite fucked up actually.

2. Choose to grant mom's wish
For this ending, it is a bad ending. Aya will left her father to her mother because she knew that her mother loves her fathers very much. The scene will return back to the lab when she sort of woke up. The when she walk all the way out from the mansion, she meet Maria halfway and told Maria that her Father is with her Mother. Then Maria cannot take the fact and sorta kidnapped Aya at the end, and perform the mistress experiment on Aya, which is to turn Aya into a doll. Then the whole game ends.

The original endings are kinda fucked up and i seriously like "WTF" when i get the both endings because none of the endings are the really good one. That's why, the game has the Best Ending if you collected all the gems!

3. Best Ending(with all 21 gems collected)
There will be some extra scene after the credits when you have all the 21 gems collected during the game. Here you will see the bald-headed guy talked to Aya's father inside a lab. Then the games officially ends.

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Yup! The game ends with kinda good way i think. If you wanna download this game, you all can go to this link.... -->
(Of course you need to have RPG Maker installed in order to play this game.)
Try to download and play! It's fun actually.

That's all. (^^) Enjoy the game if you all decided to play it. 
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