Rotting life + days before Chinese New Year

by - Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hello again, i know it might be boring but today i'm going to summarize about what i did before cny. For sometimes, I really think that i'm kinda fail in being a human because i always can't do what i decided/swear/promised to myself.
Therefore the life after the exam was so free and lifeless. Besides that, Chinese New Year was around the corner too. At first, I had decided not to buy new shirts for this year cny, but i failed. Could not resist the new shirts all around me when i'm shopping walking around. That's why i ended up bought some stuffs for my cny.

 photo 20130207_175216_zpsb2aec8d4.jpg  photo 20130207_175219_zpsd94801dd.jpg  photo 20130207_175612_zps38f95ad3.jpg  photo 20130207_182858_zps954a3c7a.jpg
The new shirts and shorts that i bought before cny. Very happy to found that Chopper T-shirts at Uniqlo because it was so cute. Bought it although the price was like ahem......kinda pricey.

Other than that, i also tried to do make up and tied my hair up and play with different style because i was too bored. My eyes were kinda difficult to make up, because me no double eyelids! Therefore i always spent a lot of time on my eyes make up. Somemore my eyes were like different size, one of the eye was bigger than the other one eye. It was a headache for me when it comes to eyes make up.
 photo 20130209_225120_zpse301d7c2.jpg
And after i put the make up, it feels like no make up or looks like very light make up.

 photo 20130209_225335_zps3c2aed39.jpg  photo 20130209_225501_zpsa5632c06.jpg  photo 20130209_225708_zpsdc708f36.jpg  photo 20130209_225714_zps836f804d.jpg
SEEEEEEEE..... make up like no make up. And my hair was like super messy that time.

Then on that day before go to Penang, I wondered why i have the mood to style my hair. Quite satisfied with the hairstyle that day although i didn't expect too much on the result.  Wear a spec on that day because of my baggy eyes due to lack of sleep.
 photo 20130210_120249_zps0769b9ac.jpg  photo 20130210_133541_zps62afd7ed.jpg  photo 20130210_160029_zps40bda8de.jpg  photo 20130210_160156_zpsb09190cf.jpg
Love my hairstyle, love my hairstyle~~

Okay, enough of past tense and back to present tense, I'm rotting recently and become an full time otaku that read mangas and play game all the time. Although the class started but i still not in the study mood yet. Even though inside the class and the lecturer was talking nonsense in front of the class, i was reading manga all the time. Lol, maybe i should write a post about my top 10 favourite horror manga? 

That's all for this post. lol.

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