My Birthday

by - Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Hello people...
It's going to be a long long post~ lol...

When i was struggling with my final exam, in between the exam weeks, there was my birthday. I don't usually celebrate my birthday because it was always on exams week or assignment due dates. Ain't nobody got time to celebrate anything during that time. So for the year before this year, i was actually celebrating my birthday in a quite simple way, way too simple. lol.

I wasn't expecting much this year for my birthday because on my birthday morning, there was an exam. The day before my birthday, i was memorizing notes, studying slides and looking at computers. So it's kinda forever alone and i don't realize it was 12 am until my boy called me purposely to wish me Happy Birthday. lol. Very surprised that he made that call because i don't expect much. lol.

After exam, this boy...Kc, wanted to bring me to somewhere. I dunno what his planning because he didn't told me, i was thinking something kinda normal for birthday celebration. Then he suddenly ask me packed things because he wanted bring me to somewhere. lol. Without any further doubts, i packed my stuff and he started driving towards the place.

I was clever enough to guess where he wanted to go... lol...

His plan was quite... unplanned. lol. We reached the place too early and the sun still high up in the sky. Ended up we did nothing until the sun set. 

See, the sun bright till he can't open his eyes.

Too bright to be at the beach, barely open my eyes to take photo also.

Waiting and waiting for the sun set.
Where got people ask birthday girl to wait for sun set wan... lol...

Since it was so bored and nothing to do, decided to do weird pose at the beach.

Addicted to this weird pose.

Love the beach, so carefree, so nice, so relax.

It's so unreal that i'm at the beach in between of my exams.

Started drawing on the beach by writing things and stuffs. Always wanted to do so but i always forgot whenever i'm went to beach.

Drew a big heart shape with his name and my name.
I wonder why am i the one drawing... lol. So forever alone that kinda scene because a birthday girl drew it by herself. Suppose to be my boy drawing it laaa...

He suggested to did this. The best birthday present for me.

Love take 1.

Love take 2.

Since the big love was washed off by the wave. So i drew a small one for him again, the love was decorated by small stones. My lovely boy looked very handsome in this photo.

And he lied to me by saying wanna go take newspaper, ended up he brought newspaper and a surprised present for me. I was so surprised and dunno how to react at first.

Lovely present and letter by him.
He said i wasted his effort because he drew that "Happy Birthday" words for 2 hours and i just looked at it  for less than 5 seconds. lol.

Accidentally found this photo of me making sand castle...but ended up with failure. That's the present he gave me. He purposely put it nicely and took a photo.

Finally the long awaiting sunset! We waited for it for almost 3 hours at the beach. lol. Glad that my camera can captured the sun and me so nicely~ lol.

Trying to pose with the sun but kinda failed. lol. Still i love it.

I think birthday should be completed with cake, and i like a whole cake more than slice cake. lol. But no choice, he said he had no idea how to bring the cake along to the beach without letting me noticed it. So he can only bought me a slice of cake at Starbucks. Luckily he brought candle, if not i cannot even make wish. lol.

Looking at the one slice of cake. lol. How pitiful am i only got one slice of chocolate cake. But i'm happy. So shy because he sang the birthday song for so long time in different languages. Totally have no idea how to react at that moment, i was so too surprised.

Well, this was the happiest birthday for me. I appreciated for what he had planned and it was totally not what i had expected at first. It was far more better than what i thought and i couldn't express how happy am i by just typing. 

Thanks to him, for always loving and caring me, for always stand by my side, for always making me happy, for always be the one i love and be the one who love me for who am i. Thanks to him for always supporting me, for always be there when i need him.

Thanks to my parents for buying presents to me, my sister for buying 3ce makeup products to me, and brother for buying a watch for me. lol.

And i also wanna thanks all the people that remembered my birthday and wished me on my birthday, Thank you.

Last but not least...

Happy Birthday to me.


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