Egyptian Magic Cream [Review]

by - Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Hello people~
I'm here again for another review...and this is a product that i wanted to try out since long ago.
Thanks to Natta Cosme, i finally have the chance to try this product and review it on my blog!

So, the awesome product that i wanted to blog about is the...
Egyptian Magic Cream!

I have been reading a lot of blog reviews and comments about this magical cream, and mostly were positive comments about it. Some websites also stated that this cream was used by a lot of popular people such as singers, actors and so on. So now i have the chance to try it by myself too and i'm super excited.

So the Egyptian Magic Cream that i received was the 59ml bottle. For your information, it is a all purpose skin cream, which means you can apply it on anywhere on your body including your hair. 

The main ingredients inside the bottle are, Olive Oil, Bees Wax, Honey, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly Extract and Bee Propolis. (The thing that related to honey was always good, lol.) 

Natta Cosme was very kind to include an instruction to guide me on how to use the cream and the purpose of the cream. As it is a all purpose skin cream, you can basically apply it on anywhere on your body such as body, eyes, lips, neck, arms and legs. And i saw some people apply on their hair too! 

The cream is in pale yellow color, and it has no scent. It's not really creamy, for me i think it's more towards waxy type of cream. 

It's very easy to apply the cream, you basically have to take the suitable amount that you need to use, rub it on your palms until it takes the form of oil and...

apply it gently to your skin.

So the model for this post was actually my sister. I took her as example because she's having some skin redness on her face and i think the effect of the cream will be more visible. As you see in the above photo, you can see that her face condition was kinda bad. That's why i recommend her to use the Egyptian Magic Cream to see whether it works at the end and fix the redness of her skin.

Before applying the cream, she has some pimples and redness on her skin. (The redness might not be visible in the photo due to the light, i'm so sorry.) And her skin was not smooth due to all the small papules and whiteheads.

After trying the cream for 4 days, you can see the papules was gone and her skin was smoother. The most important point was the skin redness has reduced compared to the previous photo.

Comment from my sister, Chelses:
She thinks that the cream was amazing. She used and tried a lot of products but most of them does not have visible effects. She said that Egyptian Cream has cured her skin redness and she was satisfied with the result. She is amazed by how fast the cream cured her skin problems with just four days.

Personal thoughts:
I used the cream too for my skin. Although i don't have any major skin problem, i can see the effect of the cream by making my skin smoother and brighter. It's made of natural ingredients, which is a plus point for it. It surprised me when i saw my sister's skin condition became better after applied the cream. For me, i will definitely recommend it to all the other people.

Well, that's all for my review on Egyptian Magic Cream. 

Apart from the review, here's another good news for you all!

Three lucky readers that introduce by me will receive 2 sachets of Egyptian Magic Cream (3ml). Dateline to join this give away will be on July 15, 2014. The lucky readers' name will be announce on Natta Cosme Facebook on August 1, 2014.

All you have to do is fill up this form  by clicking the link: 

(The first question have to fill up with BLOGGER'S NAME (my name), follow by reader's details.) ^^

For more information about this products and Natta Cosme:
Instagram: @nattacosme

That's all for my review.
Please look forward to my next update!

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