bloop Germ Blaster [Review]

by - Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hello people!
Back from holiday and it's time to post up another product review!
The product for today's review is the bloop Germ Blaster!
Thanks to HiShop and bloop for sending me this product. I received the parcel at the beginning of July and the one i'm having is the grey color one, which is the Professor Germ Blaster. It is so cute with all the designs and it also came with another four designs.

It means, they have total of 5 designs and types for the germ blaster series.
  • DANCING GERM BLASTER Possess DANCEpower to bash the GERMS.
  • LOVING GERM BLASTER Possess LOVEpower to destroy the GERMS.
  • FUZZY GERM BLASTER Possess FUZZY power to slash the GERMS.
  • TRAVELLER GERM BLASTERPossess TRAVEL power to teleport the GERMS.
If you buy one set, it will comes with a free key chain and all the key chain are cute.

bloop Germ Blaster is an anti-bacteria hand gel, it is able to kill 99.9% of germs on our hands. There were ingredients and directions of use listed behind the bottle. You may enlarge the photo to view it.

If you look clearly, there were blue beads in the hand gel which helps in cleansing.

Pour or squeeze some of the hand gel out of the bottle to your hand and gently rub it on your hands. It's a bit watery at first but it will dries up and becomes non-sticky. As for the scent, it smells nice and not to strong.

Personal thoughts:
It's very small and easy to carry inside my bag or makeup pouch. I think it's very useful during travel because you can bring it basically to everywhere. About the killing germs part, i cannot really see it and show it up on my blog so i'm sorry for that. However, the things that i knew were, it was non-sticky, non-greasy and it smells nice. Frankly speaking, i'm not a person who can use hand gel or sanitizer often as it makes my hand palm sweats a lot. However, i did tried in on the back of my hands. If you are into hand gel or you are interested to get one, bloop Germ Blaster might be your choice.

1 bottle = RM 4.90
1 full set + key chain = RM 24.50 

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That's all for my review.

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