3CE Cream Blusher [Review]

by - Friday, July 18, 2014

Hello people!
Sorry for not posting any updates recently as i'm very busy with my fyp, but it's all done for now! Finally i can say "bye bye" to my school life!

For this post, it's another review post for makeup product.
The product that i'm going to review is the 3CE Cream Blusher (#Coral Coral). I got this last month and i super in love with it especially the color of the blusher, this is the main reason why i wanna review it so so so badly. lol.

I bet most of the girls knew about this brand, it's very popular at anywhere especially when you are into Korean makeup products. The one i'm holding in the photo is the 3CE Cream Blusher! Although i didn't smile much in the photo but i'm extremely happy to have it. It's my first 3CE product!

Hohoho! The cream blusher. I knew i was a bit late to review this because a lot of people have reviewed it like million times on blog, video or websites, but still i want to review it!

So the cream blusher came with a container like those water paint container, it's very cute and the design was very simple. At first i thought :"waaa, the container so small in size, sure very fast finish wan..." However, i was wrong!

The cream blusher tends to be very durable because i only need a small amount of it, and the effect was super visible on my skin.

So this is the color of the #Coral Coral. It's a orange kinda color, the color was very pigmented and visible. The orange does gave us a natural look for everyday makeup.

After blend it by using finger or brush, the color became a very soft orange which is very cute and pretty.

I did not apply much on my face because too much of this color will make your cheek looks super orange red. lol. Little amount of the cream blusher is good to go for simple makeup.

Blusher is very important though for makeup, because it makes your face looks more youthful and lively instead of pale white face. And it's my first blusher in orange color instead of pink.

Personal thoughts:
It's very pigmented! Very nice color! Totally in love with it!
It's very suitable for daily makeup. With just a little amount of it, it already gives a very visible results on my cheek. The color was very soft in orange color which i think it's a suitable blusher color for summer makeup. lol. It totally worth the price because you can use it for a long period. If you wanna purchase it, you can buy it via online shops or their own official online shops. It costs $13.21USD, so it's about RM42++ . If you buy at some local online store, the price for it will be a little bit higher but it still affordable.

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That's all for my review.

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