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by - Friday, June 27, 2014

Hello people,
Here am i to blog about the event that i have attended last month.

On 31st May 2014, i have attended the Eskayvie Blogger Event, thanks to The Butterfly Project and Eskayvie for the invitation. It was a lovely evening with the knowledge sharing about beauty.

I was kinda late for the event because i was lost somewhere as i not really know the place, somehow i still managed to reach the event.
When i reached there, i was just in time for Dr. Syid Ayob Syib Mustafa Al Quadri's speech. He is the CEO of Eskayvie and he was there to share his knowledge about beauty personally. It was an learning opportunity for me because i wanted more knowledge about beauty. He was presenting in a funny way which made all of us laugh, it was a good presentation by him.

The whole event was actually focus on introducing two of the Eskayvie products.
The first one was the i-Qids. This product is more suitable for kids, but adults also can consume It basically helps promote growth and nervous system development. Of course there are many more benefits, however throughout the presentation, i knew that it helps to develop the brain, making kids stay stronger, healthier and smarter. It comes with chocolate flavor because they conducted a survey and found out that most of the kids and people prefer chocolate taste. Yup, chocolate is my favorite too~ lol.

The second product is Redianze. Based on the presentation and explanation by Dr. Syid, it is an advanced nutrition for both beauty and health. It basically helps to revive beauty by prevents wrinkles, sagging skin... It also helps to boost and enhance skin texture. Not only for beauty aspects, it also helps in restoring health. It also guarantee that we can see the effects in 90 days... hmmm.....

The happiest thing was, all of us actually got one box of Redianze and I-Qids in our goodies bag. So i can try out their product at home and see the effects.

For me, i personally more interested in trying out their I-Qids because it's in chocolate flavor.... which is my favourite. lol.

Okay, let's talk about all the bloggers i met there at the event.
Tammy and Bing Xin.
I hope Tammy recover soon~

Yuh Jiun



Really glad that i got the chance to join this event and learn so much about beauty. Once again thanks to Eskayvie for having us. ^^

For more information about Eskayvie:

Stay tuned for next update.

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  1. Hi Ridley! Nice meeting you that day :) Followed you btw! :)