Ridley's Diary [3]: Memorable

by - Thursday, August 07, 2014

Hello people~
I have been abandoning my cute little blog for quite some time, so i guess i will have to blog about what happened recently? lol.

End of June to beginning of July was one of my busiest month. It was exhausting when it came to my fyp submission but it was happy when i got to attend some awesome event. There are still a lot of pending blog post in my draft but i will try my best to finish all the post asap.

Talk about end of June, I was honored to attend Aza Miyuko Fans Meeting which held at One City. It was a nice meeting with Miyuko because i had been following her on social media since the day i heard about her name.

She was a professional cosplayer and i was very happy to interview her during her fans meeting. It was my first time interviewing a cosplayer so i was kinda nervous and shy at that time because she's so beautiful. Well, the blog post for her fans meeting will be up soon.

After that, i am so happy to get interviewed by one of the journalist from NanYangShangBao. The whole interview was about cosplay. 
I went for the interview with my sister, it was a good experience for me too as i can learned so much from the interview session.

 It was so shy to see my face on newspaper but it was a milestone for me.

Just to escaped from the stress of my life, i decided to accompany my sister for a movie.
The ticket for the movie sold out pretty fast at all other places so we watched it at Pavilion. The movie i watched on that day was K: Missing King. I didn't watch the anime but luckily the movie got flashback a bit of the anime story line, so it was fine for me. lol.

After that, i seldom updated my blog because i was busy with my final year project. Did not even get enough sleep because i was trying to finish it before the due date. It was a lot of work for this thick fyp, it was about 200 pages. Thanks to my friends and family for supporting me throughout the days. Thanks to my supervisor for guiding me. And finally thanks to my bf for helping me throughout the sleepless nights.

These thick paper had followed me for almost 9 months, causing some sleepless nights and unbelievable stress for me. But it was all over now and i can enjoy my life now.

After fyp and presentation, my friends and i decided to go for a getaway to Krabi.
Kinda afraid of flights due to some flight incident happened on airlines recently. But i'm safe and sound right now, so it's okay. lol. 

I like sea and beach, so it was a perfect getaway for me. It was happy to travel with friends and bf. I hope the trip was a bit longer. I'm going to miss this trip so much. Anyway, another blog post will be up soon about the trip. 

I went for Korean class and I studied for the exam too. Although it was only beginner level one, Korean is difficult to learn. lol. However, study hard is a must to score good in exam. So, i studied it and i did scored a good result for Korean. 

That's all for what happened recently and it's August now. Time flies real fast nowadays and there are so many things for me to achieve in the coming days. 


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