Port Dickson Getaway & Melaka [Part 2]

by - Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hello people! 
Going to blog about the second part of my Port Dickson trip simply because i'm free now after handed in two assignments and finished off my presentation. lol.
Just to tell you all that it was a short getaway during my semester break and i will be sharing the Day 2 stories here in this post.

So Day 2 was actually quite relaxing because both of us were lazy. Started the whole trip by having lunch at...
Sukand's Food.
This restaurant was recommended on some websites. Actually we wanna have day 1 dinner at this restaurant but it only opens during day time. Luckily we still managed to try it out for once during the trip.

My bf looking good for the trip with nice hairstyles and whatsoever. lol.

Decided to wear the couple tee for the Day 2 trip.

Three layer tea for me on that day.
How i wish i can travel back to that time...

Chicken Rice.

Curry Mee.
The food there was nice. It's a good place for lunch if you wanna have some local food. the price was not expensive too. My bf said that their chicken rice was nice, lol. 

After filled our stomach with food, we started our road trip to Melaka. It was not so far from Port Dickson if you use the highway. But my bf said he wanna tried the old road because he wanna explore more different things and he was bored with highway scenery. So he actually took the old road and drove all the way down to Melaka "macam yes" like that but ended up...

We kinda lost at some point and the GPS could not even recognize where are we. So we drove all the way down until we found the road sign to Melaka. For the first time, i felt that Malaysia is so nice by having all those green trees at the side of the road which make the road looks totally different from the road we see in KL everyday. lol.

The main reason we went to Melaka was because my bf wanted to bring me go try out the very nice cendol in the town. He said that the cendol there is the best.

This the is so called "Best Cendol" for my bf. lol. He said the cendol is nice because the ice is so smooth and it melted at the time you eat it. And yup, it's proven the ice is very smooth because i tried it. If you wanna try it, it's sell at Cottage Spices, it is a nyonya restaurant. It also sells a lot of other food which are nice, so perhaps you can try it out by yourself? 

The Day 2 trip was very relax, other than eating, we also went to the beach at Melaka and Jonker Street. Since it was Saturday, the street market was opened at the Jonker Street. We didn't buy much stuffs there other than food, lol. We took photos there but i forgot to edit it because it's in different folder. (Maybe i will edit and update this post when i have the photos).

There's go my holiday road trip Day 2 and Day 3 will be updated soon in Part Three. So please look forward to it. lol.

If you wanna read about Part One, click the link below.

That's all for this post.

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