Year Walk

by - Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hello people~
It's been a long time since i last updated my blog~
Finally here comes a game review for those who love to play games.
The game that i wanna review is, Year Walk.
If you like those mystery, thriller, horror, adventure, puzzle kinda  games, you definitely should give a try to this game. It is a game developed and published by Simogo for IOS platform during last year. So for those who own iPad or iPhone, you can download this game and play. 

The whole game started by having the player, which is you, playing as a character named Daniel. As the game starts, you will have to explore around the places until you reach a windmill. You have to enter the windmill and then you will see a girl inside the windmill. That girl is Daniel's lover, named Stina. She will warns you about the dangers of year walk, and tell you that her cousin died during year walk. After that you will leave the windmill and return to your home.

Throughout the Year Walk, Daniel will experiences some of the supernatural events while trying to solve the puzzle. If you noticed, each supernatural events have their own stories because it was based on Sweden Folklore and Year Walk is also one of the culture practiced by the people since long time ago in Sweden.

Puzzle have to be solved in order to get the clue and proceed with the game.

The player normally swipe the screen up and down to navigate the game. Some events also require player to tap on the screen or change the position of the device. This game seriously utilizing the gestures that are available and usable on the device. lol.

The mark and symbol on the tree and some other places was a clue which help the player to solve the last puzzle, so it is recommended to remember the symbols.

Different symbols have different meaning and you can check it out by using the app named Companion.

I can guaranteed that the game's graphic style was awesome. It seriously brings out the horror kinda feel for the player.

This is the second final puzzle you have to solve for the first round of the game. Remember the symbols you saw in different places? You have to apply it here to solve it.

The last puzzle for the game.
You have to turn the building according to some arrangements you found at other place.

This game does require a lot of swipe. lol.

So at the end of the game, the player can have a glimpse of his own future. You will discover that the girl tell you that she don't love you anymore by flashing the screen with words.

At the last scene, you will see Stina laying down on the ground and the blood slowly coming out from her. She's dead in the future and the first round of the game end with credits. 

However, at the end of the credit, you will be given a password to open the diary which located in the Companion. By reading the diary, you will discover the password to open a box in the game. If you wanna open the box in the game, you have to replay the game again. After open the box, you will see the article stated about Daniel's execution for the murder of Stina. And there's also a knife given to Daniel at the end. However, Daniel's decision was unknown. 

Personal thought:
I like the whole game, especially the graphic style of the game. It definitely brings out the horror feels to the player. The game was so nice and awesome. That's the first though from me. The puzzle was neither easy nor hard, it's average and it can be solved if you put more effort in remembering and noticing the surrounding in the game. The game story was nice, and it really puzzled me at first, however it was all figured out at the end of the game. The best part was the game came with an app named Companion, which is created specially for the game only. I like how they separate all the clues in different apps and i have to figure it out to see the actual ending. Overall, it's a nice game.

If you are interested in this game, you can visit the link:

That's all for my review.

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