Ridley's Diary [1]: Favourites

by - Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hello people,

I'm going to start on with another section which talk about random stuffs that happen in my life. lol... to talk about me and only me. hahaha~

Basically my April started up very ordinary, not too special. Life remains the same from April till now. During the days after my trip to PD, my bf went for another trip to Langkawi and bought me a lot of chocolates. If you know me well, i like chocolates a lot, I'm addicted to chocolate.

That's why he bought me so many different chocolates. (*blush*)
Thanks my boy! <3

Other than all the chocolates, i also bought myself the Thomas Sabo's bracelet that i wanted so much. Still can't afford the expensive one, but it was a good start though. I'm planning to add on more charms that i like onto it to make it prettier. 

Met up with my friends too after work at Mid Valley the other day. Wei Yi (on the left) came to KL just to meet up with me and Kido (on the right)... Sadly my sis was not there on that day. Kinda met up and talk about the future plans. 

The best thing to do during weekend was chilling at home, doing nothing. Eating snacks and watch my favorite show. Kinda addicted to EXO recently, re-watched their EXO Showtime whenever i'm free or wanna take a break. I'm also watching No Game No Life recently, it was a nice anime for this season (based on my personal opinion).

My aunt came to my house last two weeks and she brought her doggie along too. Family time was always the best. Finally have some time to spend with my grandma, uncle and aunt at home, chit chatting and had dinner. 

Went to my friend's house before the Hotlink Red App Launch. Kept on taking photos of his doggie, but his doggie kept on looked away from my camera. Maybe his doggie was camera shy? lol. 

Triple Chocolate Crepe.
Had some dessert with friends after the launch event at Dip n Dip Bangsar.

Chocolate Overdose!

Making a heart shape out of the chocolate crepe.

A colored drawing done by my student. lol. It was my first time to see her coloring a picture. And she got all the questions correct. Proud of her.

Retouched my hair color last Friday and it was nice! Added some red highlights too but it is not visible in this photo. Finally i can say goodbye to black hair roots and my hair color was one tone brighter than before. lol.

Did my new nail arts too! This time i went with purple theme and it was a simple nail arts which designed by Cherry. Always satisfied with her nail art designs and thanks to her, my nails look pretty everyday.

Last weekend, i went for Asia Muse interview too, but i guessed i did pretty bad though for the interview. I was too nervous and it was so early in the morning, my brain still not awake. Totally forgot what i said during the interview because i was so blur. The only thing i remembered was, 'I'm Happy'. lol.

Last but not least, I MADE A VIDEO TOO!
It was a song that i saw on Youtube. lol. It was so cute! I learned all the moves and decided to make one video for it too. 

There were some other events that i have attended which i didn't stated in this post. I will talk about the events in another blog post, so please stay tuned to it. lol.

That's kinda sum up my recent life. It was quite boring though but with a lot of small surprises. This month will be very busy because of some events, works, assignments and fyp. Almost cried because i was so stressed up at some point but still i will try my best!

That's all for this post!

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